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666 Tattoo: Meaning

What is the meaning of the 666 tattoo meaning?


In modern and pop culture, the number 666 has widely been associated with Satan, also known as ‘The Devil’.

Known as the ‘number of the beast’, the number 666 is widely regarded as a bad omen, and is a sign or symbol for evil and ill-intent.

Despite this however, we’ve seen an increase in the amount of people getting the number 666 tattooed upon their persons.

But why? What is a 666 tattoo meaning?

Tattoos are great ways for people to express themselves and decorate their bodies the way that they want.

People often get tattoos which some would consider unique, and others may find controversial.

Things like skulls, demons, weapons, and other controversial topics often form the theme for tattoos, yet scratch the surface, and you find that they aren’t always as negative as they may have initially appeared.

Those who have a 666 tattoo, for example, may choose to do so for several reasons, as this particular number actually has a variety of different meanings.

But what is a 666 tattoo meaning?

Well, that’s what we’re going to be looking at right now.

666 Tattoo – Meanings:

It Signifies Failure

666 Tattoo meanings


Even though the number 666 is primarily associated with Satan in modern culture, the number has a variety of different meanings in different societies and different religions.

Jehovah’s Witnesses, for example, widely associate the number 666 with failure.

This is due to the fact that they believe that the number represents the world’s different unified governments who are opposing God.

Known as the mark of the beast, the beast’s mark is said to have taken on a human number which represents that the world’s governments are unified and are of human origin, as opposed to being spiritual entities.

In the eyes of Jehovah, the number 7 is said to represent absolute perfection. In stark contrast, the number 666 is said to represent huge shortcomings and failures.number 666 Tattoed on chest

Because of this, some people choose to have the tattoo as a way of acknowledging their failures.

Often, we associate failure with negativity, yet without failure we cannot grow, or learn.

We learn from our mistakes and ultimately, we become better people as a result. Because of this, more and more people are choosing to have a 666 tattoo upon their person.

Whether they’re acknowledging a past that they’re ashamed of, or simply are proud that they’ve made mistakes and have matured and become a better person as a result, this is one of the main reasons why people choose to have a 666 tattoo.

Gang Affiliations

666 Tattoo

Singer Martin Kesici – @Getty

Unfortunately, because of the nature of the number of the beast, another possible 666 tattoo meaning is due to the fact that the person with the tattoo is gang affiliated.

The Aryan Brotherhood for example, are considered a white supremacist gang that originated in prison.

Those who are a part of the gang often have shamrock tattoos, either featuring the number 12, with the 1 representing A for Aryan, and the 2 representing the B for Brotherhood, or the number of the beast, in the form of the 666.

Aryan Brotherhood tattoos do often utilize this particular number, though that most certainly doesn’t mean that the number must be associated with that gang.

Two of the world’s most infamous gangs for example, the Bloods and the Crips, wear predominantly red and blue colors respectively.

That, however, doesn’t mean that people that wear red are Bloods, or who wear blue are Crips.

They’re Fans of Horrornumber 666 Tattoo behind ear on neck

Horror movies are incredibly popular, and have an enormous fanbase of all ages, all over the globe.

Because of this, another possible 666 tattoo meaning is simply that the person with this tattoo is a huge fan of the horror genre.

666 is a number widely associated with horror.

It has appeared in numerous famous works of horror, including The Omen.

The Omen sees the fictional child Damien Thorn being adopted and subsequently killing all those around him. It turns out that the child is actually the antichrist and is the son of Satan himself.a tattoo with number 666 on forehead

Also known as The Omen: 666, it is one of the most popular horror novels and movies in history, and has spawned numerous sequels and reboots since its release in 1976.

The number 666 features heavily in the story and consequently, fans of the movie and horror in general, often have the number tattooed on their bodies.

It isn’t just The Omen that has featured the number either.

In truth, there are far too many horror novels, comics, movies, and shows featuring the number of the beast to count, but take it from us, it’s a lot. No wonder so many keen horror fans choose to decorate their bodies with this number.

It Represents Good and Evila tattoo with number 666 on stomach with 6 pack

Sometimes, people will choose to have a 666 tattoo because of the fact that they believe it can represent good and evil.

Those with a past they’re not proud of, or who have perhaps had a traumatic upbringing or past, may choose to have a 666 tattoo as a way of reminding themselves about this negative period in their life.

They may also however, have a much more positive tattoo in place, to serve as a reminder that they came through the other side, and that good triumphed over evil.

People for example, may have a small 666 tattoo accompanied by a much larger angel tattoo which takes up more space on their body, features stronger, brighter, bolder colors, and take precedence over the 666 tattoo.

This is to highlight good vs evil, and the fact that the angel tattoo, which represents goodness and purity, is bigger, bolder, and brighter than the 666 tattoo, shows that good has indeed defeated evil.

When talking about 666 tattoo meanings, having contrasting symbols with one representing good, and another representing evil, is a great way to show that good can prevail and come out on top.

You Need to Refocus and Rebalance Your Life666 tattoo on shoulder

Despite the fact that 666 is commonly associated with Satan, the antichrist, or evil in general, that isn’t always the case. In fact, the angel number 666 can have very strong positive connotations.

Angel numbers are divine numbers, usually in sequences, that are believed to be messages from guardian angels. They’re typically believed to be used as guides to help people down a path to enlightenment and a more fulfilling, more positive, and much happier life.

Angel number sequences can range from 000 up to 999.

Many believe that the angel number 666 is a sign that you need to rebalance and refocus your life.

As a result, people may choose to get the number 666 tattooed on their body, to either serve as a reminder, or to celebrate that they did exactly that.

People for example, who once prioritized others over themselves, and let others take advantage of them, may one day decide to prioritize their own health, their own happiness, and their own wellbeing above others.

Doing so can be quite an invigorating and empowering feeling, and to celebrate, they may choose to have a tattoo of the angel number 666.

You Need to Be True to Yourself666 tattoo on back

Another possible 666 tattoo meaning, again sticking with the angel numbers theme, is that you need to be true to yourself.

Some believe that the angel number 666 is a message from a guardian angel that a person is placing too much emphasis on shallow, material things, and they are not being authentic or true to themselves.

If for example, we worry too much about what others think, we find ourselves acting in ways that are not true to who we are.

We start acting in ways that we believe we’d want others to act, instead of doing what makes us happy, dressing the way that makes us happy, and acting in a way that makes us happy.

An angel number 666 tattoo serves as a reminder that we need to be true to ourselves, and be ourselves, rather than be a version of ourselves that we think society wants us to be.

In a world seemingly dictated by social media, being true to ourselves is more important than ever, and an angel number 666 tattoo, can serve as a reminder to do exactly that.

People Think it Looks Coolnumber 666 Tattoed on chest of a man

Finally, when talking about a possible 666 tattoo meaning, the last possible meaning we have for you today is simply down to the fact that people think it looks cool.

Devils, Satan, the antichrist, and demons in general are considered by many to be cool and interesting.

People with an interest in these types of entities may choose to celebrate this interest with a tattoo.

Having a 666 tattoo doesn’t necessarily mean that a person is a Satanist, or is practicing witchcraft or other occult activities, it could simply be that they find the subject matter interesting, and they think the tattoo looks cool.


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