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Ampersand Tattoo Meaning – 7 Ampersand Tattoo Meanings Explained

The ampersand stems from the ligature of the Latin word et, meaning “and.” An ampersand tattoo represents partnerships and harmony. This tattoo also encourages living in the moment.

More and more tattoo artists are being commissioned to design unique and eye-catching tattoos featuring the ampersand symbol.

Known as the sign for the word ‘and,’ it is a symbol with Latin origins that is not only used in business and literature but is now also proving to be a very popular tattoo design.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next tat, and you’ve been mulling over the possibility of an ampersand tattoo for quite some time, we’ll shortly get a better look at the tattoo and what it represents.

Here are several ampersand tattoo meanings.Ampersand Tattoo

Ampersand Tattoo – Meanings:

They Are About Partnerships

One trend we have noticed with regard to the amount of people now having ampersand tattoos is the fact that they’re doing so because the design is a symbol of partnership.

If you look at the design of the ampersand, which incidentally looks like this &, you’ll see that the lines and waves in the design are interlinked yet somehow look separate, as if they’ve been joined together.Ampersand Tattoo Meaning

If you’re looking for a tattoo to represent a partnership, be this in business or perhaps a romantic or civil partnership, an ampersand tattoo is a great way to represent this.

You might even consider getting matching ampersand tattoos with your partner to show that you are united.

They Show That Nothing Is Forever

As we’re exploring the many different ampersand tattoo meanings, we have to look at the fact that ampersand tattoos show that nothing lasts forever.ampersand tattoo ideas

If you have suffered heartache or you have lost a loved one, then you can choose this design for a very specific reason.

The ampersand tattoo is a broken infinity symbol.

The fact that the infinity symbol is broken shows that nothing lasts forever.

If you want to remember a lost pet, loved one, or even a prior relationship, an ampersand tattoo is certainly a great way to do so.

The broken infinity symbol signifies the fact that nothing lasts forever, and everything ends eventually.

They Encourage Us To Live In The Momentampersand meaning tattoo

Expanding on what we just talked about regarding ampersands essentially being broken infinity symbols, if you want to start living in the moment more, this is a fantastic tattoo design to get.

Ampersand tattoos not only remind us that nothing lasts forever, but in doing so, they also help us to live in the moment.

If you suffer from anxiety and are constantly worrying about what might happen, living in the moment is great advice.

By living in the present, you enjoy things that are happening instead of worrying about what could happen.double meaning ampersand tattoo

An ampersand tattoo will help you to appreciate life and appreciate the good things you do have, rather than worrying about what hasn’t happened and might not happen.

They Are About Harmony

Another common ampersand tattoo meaning that’s helping to encourage more people to get this particular tattoo design is down to the fact that it symbolizes harmony.

If you feel that you and your romantic partner are in harmony with each other, for example, you can ink an ampersand tattoo to symbolize this.ampersand tattoo on shoulder

You can even get matching ampersand tattoos like we mentioned when looking at ampersand symbols and partnerships.

If you find yourself in tune with Mother Nature herself or the universe in general, an ampersand tattoo can highlight your spiritual side and highlight the fact that you feel you’re in harmony with the universe and/or nature in general.

They Can Help Raise Awareness For Mental Health Issues

Mental health is something that we should all be prioritizing, yet sadly, this is not the case.Ampersand Tattoo on chest

Currently, 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health disorder at some point in their lives.

Due to the fact that there is a certain stigma associated with mental health, however, experts are concerned that that number is, in fact, closer to 1 in 2 people.

Not only are mental health issues very common, but they are also, unfortunately, very serious.

The more we can do to help treat and prevent mental health issues, the better. Even if that means raising awareness.

Ampersand Tattoo on ankle

Ampersand Tattoo on ankle

Ampersand tattoos are symbols of hopelessness.

If you’re feeling helpless or hopeless because of a mental health disorder, having an ampersand tattoo can help you know that things will get better.

They Are About Attachment

The symbol is strongly connected with affinity, harmony, and partnership, meaning it’s a great symbol for a tattoo to signify an attachment to someone or something special in your life.

Ampersand Tattoo on hand

Ampersand Tattoo on hand

You can get an ampersand tattoo to symbolize an attachment to a romantic partner, a favorite sports team, a pet, or anyone or anything else that you feel an attachment to.

They Mean That There is Always an ‘And’

Not only can ampersand be used in literature and academically, but you can also use it metaphorically as well, especially when it comes to tattoo designs.

Ampersand Tattoo on belly of a woman

Ampersand Tattoo on belly of a woman

Even though the symbol signifies the fact that nothing lasts forever, it also shows that there is always an ‘and.’

That means that no matter how bad things may get, there is always a positive to be found; you just need to know where to look.


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