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Angel with AK-47 Tattoo: Meaning

What is the meaning of an Angel with an AK-47 tattoo?

One of the best things about tattoos, and body art in general, is the fact that it enables us to be unique and express ourselves the way we wish to.

If you’re kind and good-natured, and you want to express this through tattoos, you can do precisely that by getting tats which give off this type of vibe.

After all, it’s your body, and you can decorate it however you like.

Angel tattoos, for example, give off positive energy and are spiritual and beautiful, in equal measure.

They’re also very popular. Some people, however, are putting a unique spin on them by opting for an angel tattoo with a twist.

The twist is the fact that the angel in the tattoo is armed with an AK47 rifle.

It may sound a little out there, but that’s what makes tattoos so great. If everybody had the same ink, the tattoos would be boring.

But what is the angel with AK47 tattoo meaning?

Well, it’s not as extreme as people might think, and in actual fact, it really is quite beautiful.

Here’s a look at several possible angel with AK47 tattoo meanings.

Angel with AK-47 Tattoo – Meanings:

It Represents Good and EvilAngel with AK-47 Tattoo Meanings facts

We keep saying it, but one of the best things about tattoos and body art, in general, is the fact that it’s so subjective.

Different people like different things, and as a result, it’s rare that you’ll see no two tattoos exactly alike. In fact, a lot of body art and tattoos can be open to interpretation.

One possible interpretation of somebody having a tattoo of an angel holding an AK47 assault rifle is that the person with the ink is trying to make a point and represent good and evil.

When you stop and think about it for a few moments, this actually makes perfect sense.

Angels are messengers from heaven.

They represent God and are often associated with safety.Angel with AK-47 Tattoo on neck

They’re angelic in nature, usually dressed in white, and are sent to watch over people and keep them safe here on Earth.

Now, on the other side of the coin, we have the AK47.

This is a weapon designed to destroy.

Sure, weapons of this nature are used for fun and recreational purposes when shooting targets at a gun range, etc., but at its core, the weapon is designed to end lives. It is, therefore, the perfect representation of evil.

By having an angel holding the weapon, we see the two contrasting representations of good and evil.

It shows that there are both in this world and serves as a reminder to not let negative thoughts or behaviors determine our actions.

A Reminder to Not Give in to TemptationAngel with AK-47 Tattoo on hand

Another possible angel with AK47 tattoo meaning is that it could serve as a reminder for us to never give in to temptation.

Whether it’s the temptation to cheat on a partner, to break the law, to cheat on a diet, or anything else, it’s important for us to remember to act responsibly and to not give in to life’s many temptations.

An angel, for example, is the perfect example of innocence and purity.Angel with AK-47 Tattoo on legg

Angels are seen as the ultimate image of good, yet the tattoo depicts the fact that even angels can be corrupted.

An angel holding an AK47 is a representation of man’s ability to be corrupted by the vices in life.

Angels represent good and kindness, yet one holding a weapon capable of destroying lives shows that even the purest of souls can be corrupted.

While this is a little deep, if you want to look at it in simpler terms, the tattoo is a sign that we should stay true to who we are, and to never change or let negativity influence our behavior.

A Sign of Inner StrengthAngel with AK-47 Tattoo on chest man

While guns such as the AK47 have negative connotations associated with them, this doesn’t always have to be the case when interpreting tattoos.

As far as a possible angel with AK47 tattoo meaning goes, the tattoo itself could represent a sign of inner strength.

Guns are seen as negative, yet they can also save lives. Guns can be used to protect ourselves from those wishing to do us harm.

An angel holding an AK47 in a tattoo is a sign that, even though you’re a good person with a good soul, and you can be strong when necessary.

The weapon is a symbol of your inner strength, courage, and resilience when life gets tough.

You’re Not to Be Messed WithAngel with AK-47 Tattoo on shoulder woman

Decades ago, tattoos were seen as purely for strong and tough people.

They were signs and symbols of machoism, and only the biggest, toughest, strongest, and angriest people were seen as having them.

These days, however, things are different. People from all walks of life have tattoos.

Cage-fighting MMA fighters can have tattoos, as can peace-loving pacifists. And everyone in between.Angel with AK-47 Tattoo on woman back

Just because you have a tattoo, that does not automatically mean that you are tough. What’s more important, is the message you want the tattoo to portray.

People who have a tattoo depicting an innocent angel holding an AK47 weapon may be looking to tell the world that they are not to be messed with, and that they won’t be walked all over.

The angel represents their kind spirit and warm-hearted nature, while the AK47 it is holding represents the fact that they won’t have people take advantage of them, or treat them unkindly or negatively.

A Representation of FaithAngel with AK-47 Tattoo on foot

Angels are often associated with religion, and as a result, those looking to represent the fact that they are religious may choose a slightly unique design for an angel tattoo.

Another possible angel with AK47 tattoo meaning that few people tend to consider, is that the tattoo is a representation of a person’s faith.

The angel of course represents their religion, and the fact that the angel is holding the weapon shows that it is arguably more powerful.

The weapon represents a person’s commitment to their faith and shows just how strongly and passionately they feel about their faith in general.

Protection During ConflictAngel with AK-47 Tattoo on chest

Like it or not, but unfortunately our world is littered with conflict, and every single day there are brave fighters out there risking their lives by standing up for what’s right and protecting the innocent from evil.

A large amount of soldiers and people serving in the military often have a similar tattoo to that of an angel holding a weapon such as the AK47, and for good reason.

During war, nobody is safe, not even the bravest and purest of individuals.

Some soldiers may feel so at risk, that they feel even a guardian angel alone will be unable to help.

They feel that their guardian angel needs even more protection, and therefore needs to be armed.

A tattoo depicting an angel holding an AK47 could therefore be used as a symbolic way for a soldier to receive extra protection during conflict.

Remembering a Loved One Lost During ConflictAngel with AK-47 Tattoo on shoulder

Sticking with the military theme, sadly, people do lose their lives during conflict, and family members and loved ones of the deceased may honor them with tattoos featuring images of angels holding weapons.

If a brave soldier gave their life during conflict, their loved ones may choose to have this particular tattoo tattooed somewhere on their body to remember them.

The angel represents the purity of the deceased, and the weapon represents the fact that they were a proud soldier and that they died bravely doing what they loved.

It Looks CoolAngel with AK-47 Tattoo on neck back

Sometimes tattoos don’t need to have a deep and spiritual meaning, sometimes they simply just need to look cool.

If done right, a tattoo depicting an angel holding an AK47 can look great, and sometimes that’s all we want.

Sometimes we don’t want a deep and spiritual message, sometimes we just want a tattoo that makes us look good, that we think looks cool.

It Represents Your UniquenessAngel with AK-47 Tattoo on fingers

Finally, another possible angel with AK47 tattoo meaning is that the tattoo represents the fact that you’re unique.

Angels typically are not thought to use weapons, and so a tattoo of an angel holding one can be considered a little outlandish and unique.

If you feel that your personality is unique, this type of tattoo is the perfect way to show exactly that.

Key TakeawayAngel with AK-47 Tattoo on back

As you can see, when talking about the possible angel with AK47 tattoo meaning, there are plenty of possibilities.

To some, the tattoo may be seen as a contradiction, whereas to others it can be seen as a symbol of bravery, strength and courage, or even good and evil.

To some, it is a very touching way of remembering a loved one who sadly passed away during conflict.

However you decide to interpret this tattoo, the main thing is that you feel good about the design and like how it looks on you.


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