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Anuel AA’s tattoos

Anuel AA’s tattoos & their meanings:


The music industry is filled with all manner of different artists, each one bringing their own sense of creative flair to their music and adding their own stamp of authenticity in the process.

Whether it’s a style of rapping, how they dress, how they style their hair, or how they decorate their bodies with ink, musicians are fashion icons for many people all over the globe.

This is one reason why so many people now have tattoos.

Tattoos are fantastic because they allow people to express themselves and be unique.

If a fan sees their favorite artist with a new tattoo, they can draw inspiration from that tattoo to create a unique look, or they can copy their heroes and have the same design as them.

Anuel AA is one of the hottest artists in the music industry at the moment, and as a result, his fanbase is constantly growing.

As well as his music, his fans are also interested in his body art, which is why we’re looking at Anuel AA’s tattoos today.

Who is Anuel AA?

Don’t worry, ink lovers, we’ll get to Anuel AA’s tattoos in a few moments.

Before then, however, we first need to look at who Anuel AA really is.

Born Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago, Anuel AA is a Puerto Rican rapper and singer who often makes songs containing samples and snippets from songs that were popular when he was a youngster.

Born November 26th, 1992, Anuel AA is a very controversial and somewhat polarizing figure, due largely to his legal troubles with US rapper 6ix9ine, as well as Puerto Rican rappers Ivy Queen and Consculluela.

Anuel first began recording music when he was still a teenager, aged just 14 years of age.

At 18, he began posting it online, and it generated quite a buzz.

His music went down very well, and in 2018 he released his first album ‘Real Hasta la Muerte.’

Unfortunately for him, his success would be short-lived because he would be imprisoned for 30 months for illegally possessing a firearm in Puerto Rico.

Much of his music was recorded when he was locked up, which helped to boost his popularity and drive up sales.

Not only is Anuel AA renowned for making fantastic music, but his fashion sense, and his tattoos also have people talking.

Anuel AA’s tattoos

anuel cover up tattoo


Now that you know more about Anuel AA and his background, let’s look at some of his most popular tattoos and the meaning behind them.

‘Goku’ tattoo

‘Goku’ is arguably the most popular Dragon Ball Z character.

Dragon Ball Z was, and still is, hugely popular.

When Goku goes ‘Super Saiyan,’ he is basically powered up into beast mode, which is very cool.

As he was growing up, Anuel AA was a huge Goku fan, which is why he has two Goku tattoos.

The first is a tattoo of Goku on his left forearm.

The second is found on his left hand and features Goku’s face in his Super Saiyan form.

anuel aa tattoos


Vegeta tattoo

Another of Anuel AA’s tattoos is another Dragon Ball Z character, this time, it’s Vegeta.

Found on Anuel’s inner left forearm, this tattoo of Vegeta is another tribute to Dragon Ball Z. See, we told you that he was a huge fan.

anuel tattoo


Names tattoos

Anuel AA also has a number of names tattooed upon his person, specifically on his hands and his fingers.

On his right ring finger is the name ‘Pablo’ while on the side of his left hand is the name ‘Carolina.’

Upon his right hand, you will find the name ‘Nilda’ tattooed.

As you have probably guessed, these names are the names of people that mean something very special to him.

His mother’s name, for example, is Nilda, whereas his wife’s real name is Carolina, rather than Karol G, as she is more commonly known.

As for Pablo, this is the name of their son together.

Of the numerous Anuel AA’s tattoos, these are perhaps the most meaningful, which is why he had the names tattooed upon his hand.

This was so that he would constantly be reminded of his loved ones.

Ganesha tattoo

Upon Anuel AA’s right hand and wrist is the tattoo of the elephant-headed Hindu god Ganesha.

Anuel is not Hindu however, in fact, he didn’t realize it was Ganeesha on the tattoo at all. He simply thought it was a cool elephant design.

The Elephant is wearing a large crown, and its trunk stretches down to cover Anuel’s middle finger as well.

His friend got the same tattoo and sadly passed away not long afterwards, so it turns out that this tattoo really does have a special meaning behind it, even if it was by accident.

‘Loyalty for Life’ tattoo

Meanings Behind Anuel AA's Tattoos


Upon the right index finger of Anuel AA, you will find the words ‘LEALTAD POR VIDA.’

These words are in Spanish and translate into English to ‘Loyalty for Life.’

This phrase obviously means a great deal to Anuel, who often raps about loyalty.

Skull tattoo

When talking about cool tattoos, it doesn’t get much cooler than a skull.

This is one of Anuel AA’s tattoos that he is especially fond of. Found on his right forearm, on the inside, is a skull with a fire burning on its face, smoke coming from its mouth, and the Illuminati triangle symbol inside one of its eyes.

The skull is, in fact, the face of the comic book character Ghost Rider, who was famously, or perhaps infamously, played by Nicolas Cage on the big screen.

The Illuminati symbol comes from the fact that, when he was incarcerated, Anuel AA would often read books about conspiracy theories.

Whether you buy into the whole Illuminati theory or not, you can’t deny the fact that this is one super cool-looking tattoo.

Jesus tattoo 

The last of Anuel AA’s tattoos that we’re going to look at today, is that of Jesus Christ.

Located on his right shoulder, the tattoo features Jesus Christ wearing a crown of thorns, with blood running down his face.

The tattoo is a tribute to Anuel’s religious beliefs and depicts how Christ gave his life for humanity and died for our sins.


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