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Anunnaki Tattoo: Meaning

Anunnaki tattoo meaning: What does this unique tattoo mean?


When we look through history, we often come across some pretty interesting stories and tales.

Most of these stories tend to feel a bit on the fantastical side, but they are usually stories of human origin as told by ancient cultures.

The Sumerians are one such culture, and they had many interesting theories on the creation of humanity and our species.

Among their most interesting deities, though, are the Anunnaki.

The Anunnaki are part of the Sumerian culture and have been represented as those who came to Earth to create our species.

In many depictions, they are seen as everything from angels to aliens.

Many times they are described as everything from a giant human to a winged dragon or some bizarre combination of the two.

If you are someone who wants to find a tattoo that can represent mystery and the potential creation of humanity, then an Anunnaki tattoo might be one worth considering.

Why, though?

What are the main meanings of the Anunnaki tattoo?Anunnaki Tattoo on back

The Anunnaki tattoo meanings that resonate most

An interest in demons

Some of us choose to go for an Anunnaki tattoo because we have an interest in demons and evil.

That is not to say that you are evil, per se, just that you have an inherent interest in stories and tales of demonhood.

As such, many people who choose to bear an Anunnaki tattoo will do so because it feels like a representation of their interest in the more evil side of things in life.

For example, many people believe that the Anunnaki tried to enter Heaven, so they must be demons.Anunnaki Tattoo on shoulder

This is obviously a more biblical take on the idea of the Anunnaki, who in other mythologies are simply aliens that came to this planet to help birth humanity into being.

There are so many different stories and theories that it can be tough to keep up.

Generally, though, a common Anunnaki tattoo meaning is a simple interest in things that might be seen as occult or dangerous.

Again, that does not mean that you are a follower of such thinking – more that you have an intrigue in how such things might come about in life.

A love of the starsAnunnaki Tattoo on hip

Intriguingly, though, some Sumerian texts claim that Anunnaki were, in fact, stars or other planets.

In some of their texts, it is believed that Anunnaki was the eleventh planet that resides in our solar system.

This is a long-discussed and often-debunked theory, but it is an interesting choice for a more abstract and artistic tattoo.

Many people choose to go down the route of bearing such a tattoo because it feels interesting and sparks debate.

For the most part, though, you would choose to get an Anunnaki tattoo because you have an interest in the cosmic entities that might exist out there beyond our planet.Anunnaki Tattoo on belly

Whether you believe in the Anunnaki or not, you might find their imagery and their relation to the stars and the universe quite fascinating.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that many people choose this as their tattoo of choice.

Many of us have quite out their beliefs when it comes to things like how humanity came to be and how our planet developed.

The Anunnaki are just one theory, but for many individuals, they represent one of the most interesting theories about our foundation as a species.

A belief in the uniqueAnunnaki Tattoo on head

Some choose to take on the Anunnaki tattoo because they have a passion and an interest in things that are beyond our ordinary understanding.

Not everyone wants to be so grounded in the real world, and the belief in mystical creatures and extra-terrestrials is a big part of why so many people enjoy debates about this kind of subject.

If you are someone who has a strong belief in the idea of unique things existing in the ether, then you should take a look at an Anunnaki tattoo.

They are regarded as some of the most fantastical beings ever conceptualized by humanity, fictional or otherwise.Anunnaki Tattoo on neck

Their otherworldly nature and the sheer disparity in the way they are described make them a fascinating conversation piece.

In general, though, a big reason why the Anunnaki are so commonly depicted in tattoos is that they represent mythology and something beyond what we would deem to be normal.

If you are someone who loves to be out there and creative with your body art, then an Anunnaki tattoo might make quite a lot of sense – especially if you happen to enjoy more bombastic, creative designs.

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A belief in the Sumerian mythologyAnunnaki Tattoo on chest

Of course, another Anunnaki tattoo meaning is that you simply believe in the kind of myths that the Sumerians passed down.

Many take these stories and fables as what they are; stories. However, many actually do believe in the Anunnaki theory, and thus you might find that if your belief system swings this way, then you might want to represent that within your body art.

We all have our beliefs about how our world and species came to be.

While the Anunnaki might be one of the more radical ideas for how humanity came to its current state, it is a highly interesting topic of discussion.

If you are someone who sees the Anunnaki as a creation theory that you can believe in, then you might want to represent that within the body art that you wear on your skin.

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For the most part, the meaning of the Anunnaki tattoo tends to come down to things like how you feel about how humanity came to be.

It might also simply be a representation of the fact that you love mythology and stories from an ancient civilization.

There are a great many reasons why you might decide to go down the route of having an Anunnaki tattoo.

Now that you can see why this is such a common choice, though, you might feel more comfortable having such body art added to your collection.

If nothing else, it represents an intriguing topic of conversation.

It will not take long for someone to ask you what your Anunnaki tattoo represents, that is for sure.

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