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Athena Greek Goddess of Wisdom Tattoo: Meaning

Athena is the Olympian goddess of wisdom and war. She is one of the Twelve Olympians and the daughter of Zeus and Metis. A tattoo with the Goddess Athena represents wisdom, feminity, and the intellectual side of war.

One of the main reasons why Greek myth has had such a huge impact on the developed world is down to the complex characters and deities it features.

Without question, one of the most prominent figures in Greek myth, and one who has inspired tattoo designs all over the globe, is the goddess Athena.

Athena is the Ancient Greek goddess of war, though she was also worshipped as the goddess of crafts and wisdom.

Because she is one of the most powerful 12 deities who ruled on Mount Olympus, a lot of people chose tattoos depicting her image for a host of different reasons.

But what are some of the more prominent Athena tattoo meaning explanations, and why might you choose a tattoo featuring her image for your next design?

Well, that’s what we’re going to be exploring today as we look at several Athena tattoo meaning explanations.Athena Greek Goddess tattoo on a woman back

Athena Tattoo – Meanings:

Athena Tattoos Showcase a Love of Travel

We’re starting things off today with one of our more literal explanations of what an Athena tattoo represents.

A lot of tattoo artists who are commissioned to design stunning tattoo designs depicting the goddess Athena find that people choose these designs because they have a love for travel, particularly in Greece.

Greece is a stunning country that is steeped in ancient history.athena tattoo meaning

The weather’s beautiful, the food is out of this world, and it’s a history lover’s dream come true.

Those who have an affinity with the country often choose an Athena tattoo to represent this.

Greece’s capital, Athens, is actually named after the Ancient goddess Athena, so you can see why a tattoo design of her is the perfect way to show just how much you love traveling and how much you enjoy Greece and all that it represents.

These Tattoos Symbolize Wisdomathena goddess tattoo

Another common meaning of an Athena tattoo is that many seem to overlook the fact that tattoos depicting her image can symbolize wisdom.

Athena is not only the goddess of war, but she is also described as the goddess of wisdom.

She is a very intelligent woman and is a highly skilled leader because of this.

Because she has a reputation for being so intelligent, Athena tattoos also symbolize wisdom and intelligence.athena tattoo minimalist

People who have Athena tattoos don’t necessarily consider themselves wise, but they may well choose the design because they have a passion for knowledge and wisdom and a passion for learning.

People who work in education and are passionate about their work, for example, often find that Athena tattoos depict this love and passion for education and learning perfectly.

They Showcase a Passion for Greek Mythfeminine athena goddess tattoo

Let’s face it, when talking about Athena tattoo meaning explanations, you can’t overlook the fact that Athena is such a prominent figure in Greek Mythology.

The daughter of Zeus, many believe that she is also the favored child of Zeus.

The story goes that Athena was born from the head of Zeus, fully grown and fully dressed in armor, ready to go to war.

People who find Greek mythology fascinating will find that a tattoo somewhere on their persons, depicting the ancient goddess of war and wisdom is an ideal way to showcase their love of the intricacies and storytelling of Greek mythology.

They Represent ControlAthena Greek Goddess tattoo on neck

People hear that Athena was the goddess of war, and they automatically think of fierce battles and skirmishes, unbridled rage, and the other negative aspects of war. This isn’t quite the case, however.

Athena is a goddess of war, just as Ares is the god of war. However, the two represent two very different aspects of war.

Ares is associated with the fierce fighting and mindless brutality and fury of war, whereas Athena is different.

She represents level-headedness, being cool, calm, and collected, and being in control.

Athena represents the tactical side of war.

She is all about planning, preparation, and outsmarting her enemies.

She is very much in control, which is why Athena tattoos are a great way to showcase being in control.

If you like to be in control and are proud of the fact that you can think logically and keep a level head, even in stressful situations, you will find an Athena tattoo to be especially appropriate and a great way to represent this.

These Tattoos Symbolize FemininityAthena Greek Goddess tattoo on man shoulder

Though both men and women can, and do, have Athena tattoos, the design does tend to be more popular amongst women rather than men.

This is because Athena is a character commonly associated with femininity.

Athena is a powerful and intelligent goddess of war.

She knows how to fight; she is a fierce warrior, but she also knows how to win wars and battles through cunning.

Athena knows how to handle herself and never bowed down to the patriarchy.

Tattoos depicting Athena in her armor are therefore considered feminine symbols and are perfect for you, especially if you are a feminist or you support and believe in femininity as a whole.

They Symbolize Purityrealistic Athena Greek Goddess tattoo on ankle

Another of the more common Athena tattoo meaning explanations for us to explore in more detail today, is the fact that tattoos depicting Athena are symbols of purity.

Athena, despite her natural beauty, had no children and is typically represented as being a virgin. She is, therefore, considered “pure.”

If you consider yourself to be pure, whether this is literally or figuratively, you will find that an Athena tattoo is, therefore, the perfect design to represent this.

They Represent Couragerealistic Athena Greek Goddess tattoo on shoulder

The last Athena tattoo meaning that we’re looking at today, is the fact that a tattoo of the Greek goddess Athena can represent courage.

Athena was born ready to fight.

Despite conducting much of her military operations strategically, she can still swing a sword with the best of them.

She is depicted wearing a helmet, a shield, and a spear, meaning that she is constantly ready for battle.

Therefore, if you want to celebrate your courage and bravery will find an Athena tattoo the ideal design to do precisely that.realistic athena tattoo


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