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Baphomet Tattoo: Meaning

What is the meaning of a tattoo with Baphomet?


One of the best things about tattoos, and indeed, many other forms of body modification, is the fact that it allows us to express ourselves.

Whether it’s a piercing, changing the color of our hair, a tattoo, or even an entire tattoo sleeve, it lets us be the person we want to be.

Tattoos are now more common than ever, and if you take a look at some of the different designs that people have, you can understand why that is.

People can have funny tattoos, deep and meaningful tattoos, remembrance tattoos, controversial tattoos, and whatever else they like.

One thing that really makes tattoos unique is the fact that their meanings are open to interpretation.

Much like art, the overall message and meaning behind some tattoos are not obvious because, in truth, there is no one true message.

Different people have different designs for many unique reasons.

One of the most popular designs in recent times, however, is one which to some may be controversial, and that design is of ‘Baphomet.’

Why the interest in Baphomet all of a sudden, and what is the meaning behind the design?

Here’s a look at several Baphomet tattoo meaning explanations.

What is Baphomet?Baphomet Tattoo on hand

Baphomet is a deity often associated with Satanism, which the ancient Knights Templar were once accused of worshipping.

Baphomet is a deity that has taken on the form of a Sabbatic Goat with a half-animal, half-human appearance.

The deity has a black goat’s head with elongated horns, a human torso with female breasts, and a caduceus, which is intentionally phallic and designed to represent male reproductive organs.

A deity with Pagan origins, Baphomet is now widely recognized around the world and has been used in films and media on multiple occasions.

There is even a movie named after the deity, though the reviews aren’t exactly the best.

Nevertheless, Baphomet is commonly associated with Satanism, the occult, and Paganism, though in truth, it is often misunderstood and misrepresented.

While some associate Baphomet with negativity, there are others who think the opposite and actually consider the goat-headed deity to have positive connotations.

Over the years, especially as people began to rebel, particularly thanks to rock, punk, and death metal music, Baphomet became “cool” and the deity found itself on T-shirts, posters, clothing, and of course, on tattoos.Baphomet Tattoo on hip

Baphomet Tattoo Meaning Explanations

Now that we have a clearer idea of what Baphomet is, it’s now time to explore why so many people are choosing to get Baphomet tattoos upon their persons.

Here’s a look at several possible Baphomet tattoo meaning explanations.

Gender Identity

There has been a lot of talk regarding gender identity over the last several years, yet a lot of people tend to overlook the fact that some individuals either struggling with, or celebrating their gender identity, may have a Baphomet tattoo, or tattoos.

As mentioned, Baphomet has features that represent both male and female organs.

Some people will use this as a way of celebrating or getting to grips with their gender identity and who they truly are as a person.

With the breasts of a female and the caduceus to represent the reproductive organs of a male on the same body, Baphomet tattoos are sometimes used by people to represent their internal struggles with their own identity, or to celebrate the fact that they are comfortable with their own gender and identity.

Not only that, but Baphomet is often marginalized, just as many members of the LGBT community are.

Baphomet, therefore, represents the fact that these people feel like outcasts and misunderstood.

People Have an Interest in The OccultBaphomet Tattoo on legg

Contrary to what some may say, you don’t need to be a witch, a Satan worshipper, or an evil individual to have an interest in the Occult. In truth, the topic itself is actually very interesting and has a history that can be traced back thousands of years.

There are plenty of so-called “normal” everyday individuals who have a keen interest in the Occult and other themes of that nature, because they find them fascinating.

Another of the possible Baphomet tattoo meaning explanations that we’re going to unravel now is simply down to the fact that some people may have a keen interest in the Occult, and they may wish to reflect this in their body art.

People who are interested in Star Wars for example, may choose to have Star Wars tattoos on their bodies, so how is that any different?

People Feel Misrepresented and Hard Done By

As mentioned previously, Baphomet was a deity in which the Knights Templar were believed to have been falsely accused of worshipping.

The Knights Templar were a military order of the knighthood with a deep religious background who were formed roughly around the times of the crusades.

They were formed in order for them to defend religious Christian holy sites in the Holy Land.

The story goes that, as time progressed, the Knights Templar became more powerful.

Not only were they powerful in battle, but they also had friends in high places and a lot of wealth behind them.

During the 11th century, political opponents deemed them a threat and were said to have conspired to accuse them of worshipping the deity known as Baphomet.

Now, some say that the name Baphomet came about as a corruption of ‘Mahamut’ which meant ‘Muhammad’.

People, therefore, were not accusing the Knights of worshipping Satan, but rather, of being Muslim.

Remember, back in the 11th century, to those who adhered to Christianity, that was a huge deal.

People who feel hard done by, or falsely accused of something, may therefore choose to have a tattoo of Baphomet to represent this.

Whether the Knights Templar really did worship Baphomet, we cannot say, but we are familiar with the story and for people who feel pushed out, or misrepresented, a Baphomet tattoo is a great way to acknowledge this.

People are Music FansBaphomet Tattoo on stomach

Fans of certain genres of music, especially heavy metal, will likely be familiar with the head of Baphomet straight away.

Baphomet and indeed, demons, Satan, and Satanism in general, are sometimes associated with heavy metal, and sub-genres of the music, including death metal and black metal.

During the 1980s, there was what is now known as a ‘Satanic Panic.’

Christians and other religious individuals believed that death metal and other similar styles of music were created by the devil and that the songs had hidden meanings or messages in them designed to corrupt the youth.

Metal fans embraced these claims and as Baphomet was often associated with Satan, a great deal of album covers, posters, and t-shirts for metal bands featured the goat’s head of Baphomet.

People are Horror Fans

Horror is one of the most popular genres in the entertainment industry.

Whether it’s in movies, games, books, TV shows, poetry, or anything else, there is a huge market for horror fans.

When talking about Baphomet, another possible Baphomet tattoo meaning is simply due to the fact that the person with the tattoo is a huge fan of horror.

There are countless Baphomet references in horror movies, books, games, and TV shows from over the years, as well as very similar references.

Goats are often associated with Satan, which is part of the reason why the goat-headed deity is so often associated with The Devil. In Robert Eggers’ 2015 horror movie ‘The VVitch’ the film features a black goat named ‘Black Phillip’.

The goat is said to be the assumed form of Satan, who begins to relentlessly torment a Christian family.

Fans of horror, therefore, often choose black-headed goats as tattoo inspiration, which is why tattoo artists often find Baphomet tattoos in such high demand, particularly around October when “spooky season” kicks in.

DualityBaphomet Tattoo on chest of a man

Perhaps the most common Baphomet tattoo meaning explanation that you’ll come across online is that Baphomet represents duality.

The deity itself helps to symbolize equilibrium brought about by contrasting beings.

There are several possible meanings to interpret here.

The first one is that the creature is half-human, and half-animal. It features the head of a goat, with the torso of a human being.

Delving a little deeper however, and you could argue that, as Baphomet also has female and inferred male genitals and characteristics, this in itself is a reflection of duality.

However you interpret the meaning of this tattoo, it is a great example of a tattoo that symbolizes the balance of opposites and how opposites can attract.

Good and EvilBaphomet Tattoo on back of a man

Finally, some people who choose to have a Baphomet tattoo designed do so because they want to reflect good and evil.

For them, Baphomet is the perfect image to do so as the head is believed to be malevolent and represents evil, whereas the body itself represents good.

People may choose to interpret this particular design for a number of different ways.

It could be that the person with the tattoo overcame an addiction, or turned their life around and want to remember this part of their past, or use it as a reminder to not slip back into bad habits.


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