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Dahlia Tattoo: Meaning

Dahlias are one of the most straightforwardly beautiful flowers we can come across in nature, meaning many people need little excuse to get dahlias tatted onto their skin. But are there deeper meanings behind the dahlia flower and the rainbow of possible colors it offers?

And should the dark history of the black dahlia warn you off getting it inked in this color?

Here, we take a look at what the dahlia tattoo actually means 

What Does the Dahlia Tattoo Look Like?

As you might expect, dahlia tattoos will aim to look like the dahlia flower itself (although they might vary in appearance depending on the tattoo artist’s style or the design chosen by the person getting inked).

A realistic depiction of a dahlia tattoo will typically include all its intricate details, including its tightly packed petals (ruffled or smooth), vibrant colors, and lush textures.Dahlia Tattoo Ideas

Natural dahlias can come in many different colors (except for blue or black – which we’ll discuss in greater detail later).

This has made them popular with tattoo enthusiasts, many of whom choose specific dahlia colors to suggest certain symbolic meanings.

Many of the best dahlia tattoos out there can showcase a tattoo artist’s ingenuity and creativity; they often feature striking symmetry or an artist’s ability to suggest intricate details.

LocationDahlia Tattoo on back

The bright color possibilities of a dahlia – as well as its intricate details – all mean that it is an excellent tattoo for many different parts of your body.

Commonly, tattoo recipients will get a dahlia tattoo inked onto their upper or lower arm, their shoulder blade, or somewhere on their legs.

It is worth having a discussion with your chosen tattooist if you’re in any doubt about where you should get the dahlia tattoo on your body.Dahlia Tattoo on belly

Dahlia Tattoo – Meanings:

Dahlia tattoos are obviously very beautiful – and they can look particularly stunning when the tattooist pays attention to the subtle layering of the petals – but many recipients will get them not just for the beauty but also for the meaning behind the ink.

So what do dahlia tattoos actually mean?

Here are a few symbolic meanings behind why people get dahlias tatted on their skin:Dahlia Tattoo on neck

Dahlia tattoos are symbols of beauty

It might seem like an obvious point, but dahlias symbolize beauty because…well, they’re beautiful flowers.

Dahlias are prized for their symmetry, their color, and the way their vibrancy stands out against other flowers in their vicinity.

Dahlias are beloved by gardeners, florists, and horticulturalists – so naturally, they’re also loved by tattoo enthusiasts simply because of their aesthetic qualities.Dahlia Tattoo on chest

It is common for people to get dahlia tattoos to symbolize their own inner and outer beauty.

The tattoo can also symbolize a person’s outlook on the world, including how they find beauty in seemingly simple things (such as nature).

They can symbolize strength and recurrence

Despite their delicate beauty, dahlias are actually incredibly tough and resilient flowers.Dahlia Tattoo on hand

They grow year after year, meaning they are adept at dealing with the changing seasons.

Normally, dahlias are planted in spring and are at their most vibrant throughout summer and fall.

For tattoo enthusiasts, the symbolism of a delicate-looking flower that stands strong, vibrant, and resilient year after year can be quite meaningful.

Similarly, dahlias are symbols of recurrence.Dahlia Tattoo on shoulder

Dahlias also suggests that, even if something is currently lost or faded, it can return again to the way it was before. This can offer heavy symbolic importance for people dealing with loss or self-doubt.

These tattoos can relate to historical cultures and myths

Current Mexican cultures and historical civilizations, such as the Aztecs, highly prized dahlias.

In fact, the Aztecs believed in a myth concerning the dahlia, claiming that it helped the Earth Goddess give birth to a baby boy after she cared for and tended to the flower.Dahlia Tattoo on legg

The dahlia was declared the ‘National Flower of Mexico’ back in 1963, meaning that a lot of Mexican citizens get the dahlia tattooed on their bodies out of national pride.

They can have different meanings depending on the chosen colors

As with almost every flower tattoo a person might choose to get inked onto their skin, the color will be almost as meaningful as the chosen flower.Dahlia Tattoo sleeve

There are plenty of possible meanings behind each color, so we won’t go into each one individually. However, examples include pink dahlias to suggest kindness; orange dahlias to suggest joy; and green dahlias to suggest new beginnings.

Black dahlia tattoo meaning

While dahlia tattoos can have a wide range of symbolic meanings based on color, black dahlia tattoos are more closely associated with specific dark themes – namely, loss and death.Black dahlia tattoo meaning

This is because black dahlias are associated with the ‘The Black Dahlia’ murder, which was the slaying of a woman named Elizabeth Short in LA in 1947.

Short’s death was noted for the gruesome violence of the murder itself, as well as the media frenzy surrounding it.

It has been called one of the most famous unsolved murder cases in the USA and continues to provoke many theories.Black dahlia tattoo meanings

As highlighted earlier in the article, it is physically impossible for a dahlia to be either blue or black (although they can be a very dark crimson color).

Therefore, when people get a black dahlia tattoo, it clearly isn’t because they’ve felt affected by a particularly striking black dahlia they’ve seen in nature.

Normally, black dahlias are inked onto the skin to indicate betrayal, dishonesty, or other kinds of negative connotations.Black dahlia tattoo meanings on finger


Dahlia tattoos have become very popular worldwide due to their intricate look and the color possibilities they offer tattooists and recipients.Black dahlia tattoo on hand

Meanwhile, the symbol of the black dahlia has become something of a pop culture fixation for many people – particularly true crime fans – with even Lana Del Rey being forced to answer for making a music video reference to the Black Dahlia murder case.Dahlia Tattoo on back of a woman


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