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Fallen Angel Tattoo: Meaning

What is the meaning of a fallen angel tattoo?


For many, if you were fortunate to have been around then, the 90s were the pinnacle of modern life.

We had just enough tech to keep us happy, people weren’t glued to their phones or social media, and the music scene was unreal.

Lately, we’ve seen certain trends and fads from the 90s, and that includes the tattoo designs.

Not only are fashion styles from the 90s making a comeback, but people are also decorating their bodies with artwork from the 90s too.

In particular, tattoo artists nowadays are being inundated with requests for fallen angel tattoo designs.

A fallen angel is an angel that has been expelled from heaven.

Though no official religious texts reference them, the general consensus is that these angels have been expelled from heaven for sinning.

As you can see, the premise behind a fallen angel is very interesting, with the meanings being interpreted in a number of ways.

Here are just a few possible fallen angel tattoo meaning explanations.

Fallen Angel Tattoo – Meaning:

A Physical Guardian Angel on Earthguardian angel fallen angel wings tattoo on chest

One possible fallen angel tattoo meaning is that the image of the fallen angel represents a physical guardian angel here on earth.

People who have been going through a rough patch, or a particularly dark period in their lives may find that a person or animal has come into their lives and has helped them to turn things around and reclaim their happiness.

The reasoning behind this tattoo is that the angel may have been expelled from heaven, but has been cast down to earth to make a difference in somebody’s life.

Whether it’s a friend, a partner, an animal, an influential figure, or anything else, if someone or something has made that much of a difference to their life, they may wish to acknowledge this in the form of a fallen angel tattoo.

A Symbol of Rebellionfallen angel tattoo forearm

When people talk about the many different fallen angel tattoo meaning explanations out there, the fact that it can represent rebellion or defiance is often brought up.

As we established, fallen angels are angels here on earth who were cast out of heaven for sinning, or not conforming to the standards and rules beyond the pearly gates.

Here on earth, there are plenty of people who feel as if this could apply to them.

Often, tattoo artists are approached by individuals who consider themselves rebellious, and who don’t like conforming to rules or society, and are asked to create a fallen angel tattoo.

The fallen angel symbolizes their rebellious streak and shows that they won’t be told what to do or pushed around.

A Symbol of Different Personalitiesfallen angel grim reaper tattoo

Another popular reason why so many people choose to get a fallen angel tattoo is down to the fact that the tattoo could serve as a symbol of different personality traits and characteristics.

Angels are divine beings.

They’re seen as the ultimate symbol of good, positivity, harmony, and protection.

This can represent a person’s kind-heartedness and good nature.Fallen Angel Tattoo on the back of the neck

On the other side of the coin, however, you have the fact that the angel is no longer welcome in heaven. It is obviously rebellious and has sinned.

This reflects the fact that people have flaws and are not perfect.

Going a shade deeper, it could represent a person’s feisty side. Sure, they may be happy, positive, and good-natured, but they do not suffer fools gladly, they won’t be taken advantage of, and they are not to be messed with.

A Representation of Personal StrugglesFallen Angel Tattoo on shoulder

Some people also consider a possible fallen angel tattoo meaning to represent the fact that people have personal struggles and character flaws.

There are heaps of Hollywood movies and novels featuring fallen angels, which many believe perfectly represents internal struggle and conflicting beliefs.

In the 1999 Kevin Smith movie ‘Dogma’ for example, the movie features two fallen angels banished from heaven for bad behavior and excessive alcohol use.Fallen Angel Tattoo on legg

Alcohol and substance abuse issues are unfortunately far too common in this day and age, and people who struggle with these issues may choose to have a fallen angel tattoo to serve as a reminder of this.

Even though they may have overcome their addictions, the tattoo serves as a constant reminder of their past and helps them to stay on the right path.

This certainly doesn’t just apply to addiction either, it could be lifestyle choice, behavior, or anything else that people may be struggling with.

A Representation of TenacityFallen Angel Tattoo on back

Another possible fallen angel tattoo meaning explanation is that the tattoo could represent tenacity and redemption.

The idea behind the tattoo is that, even though the angel has fallen on hard times and has lost everything, i.e., its place in heaven, it has a second chance here on Earth and has managed to find a route back to a path of redemption.

Fallen angels are from heaven, not Earth, yet on Earth they find their footing and they find a purpose.

This is the perfect example of tenacity.

Natural BeautyFallen Angel Tattoo on belly

Another possible meaning of a fallen angel tattoo that we’re going to look at in more detail is the fact that it may represent natural beauty.

Even though the angel has been kicked out of heaven, if you look past its flaws and its past, you can see that it still holds a deep natural beauty.

The tattoo is the perfect representation of seeing the good in people and seeing the beauty within, despite their pasts.

Fallen angel tattoos are all about letting go of the past, not holding grudges, and looking to the future.

They’re about forgiveness and redemption and seeing the beauty in all, regardless of past behaviors.

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The Loss of Innocencedarkness demon fallen angel tattoo

Finally, many people believe that one of the best fallen angel tattoo meaning explanations is the loss of innocence.

A fallen angel tattoo represents how people may have lost their innocence, or perhaps have embraced more of a wild side instead.

The angel, once a divine and heavenly being, lost its place in heaven due to its actions.

This is the perfect example of how people may lose their innocence and embrace more of a wild side.Fallen Angel Tattoo behind ear


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