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Fear God Tattoo: Meaning

What is the meaning of the Fear God tattoo?


When it comes to choosing a tattoo, it is natural that we will focus on a tattoo that represents who we are.

Most choose to go down the route of a tattoo that represents their most beloved people, places, or activities.

For example, someone who is a runner might choose a tattoo of their favorite running shoes or an abstract of their favorite running destination.

What about a religious person, though?

Many times, they choose a tattoo that represents their fear of God.

Today, Fear God tattoos are pretty common – most of the time, they tend to be quite simple in their design but also particularly striking.

Why would someone get this kind of tattoo, though?

What is the typical fear God tattoo meaning?

There are several interpretations, and everyone who gets a tattoo like this will have their reasons and purposes.

Generally, though, the following reasons are seen as the most common meanings within a Fear God tattoo.

Fear God tattoo meaning: what are the most common meanings?

A reminder of ego

Fear God Tattoo


One of the main reasons why people choose to get a Fear God tattoo is that they wish to be reminded of their sense of self.

It is easy to get carried away in life – to think that you are more than you really are.

When we find success in life, our egos can take over and lead us down a dangerous path.

Following God, or any kind of religion, is supposed to be a strong antidote to this kind of egotism.

For that reason, many of us choose to go down the route of a Fear God tattoo.

It reminds us that we should fear nothing in life apart from judgment from above.Fear God Tattoo on chest

You want to be able to show that you are still capable of remembering that for all of your own personal gain and glory that, only God can judge you.

This is an important and common fear God tattoo meaning, and it is one of the most applicable choices.

A big part of following a God is the loss of ego: this tattoo can help to keep that in check.

Connection to FaithFear God Tattoo on back

Another common fear God tattoo meaning is simply a reminder of your faith and your belief in God.

This is an important part of your personality, and a tattoo like this can go a pretty long way to showing people that you are someone who has a genuine love – and, yes, fear – of God.

That might sound like an odd thing to show off, but for the religiously minded, it is important to show a fear of God.

This ensures that it is easier for people who believe in religion to show the rest of the world that their faith is their shield but also that their faith helps to keep them on the right path in life.Fear God Tattoo on head

Those who wish to remind the world of their belief in God will often choose a tattoo like this because it can feel so specific and striking.

It tends to really stand out as a tattoo type and can be the kind of personally specific tattoo that really speaks to your inner love and faith.

In many cases, yes, it can even point to a literal fear of failing to appease God and live the best life that you can.

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A reminder of your past

Fear God Tattoo

Rapper Lil’ Wayne – @Getty

This is a more abstract reason, but it is increasingly common.

Many people turn to God later in life – they do not find religion until they are an adult.

In the years prior to their discovery of religion, though, they might have sinned.

They might feel like they were a bad person and that religion is part of their redemption and rejuvenation as human beings.

This is such an important feeling and emotion, and it is not something that we should ever forget.

For many people who are looking to simply become more motivated to stay on the right path in religion, having a reminder of your past in the form of a fear God tattoo could be quite important.

Many times, being able to remind ourselves to fear God and the wrath of our deity is enough to keep us on the side of the right.

When we feel like we are straying from our religion and our purpose, a simple message like this can be ideal for making sure we do not stray too far from the new path that we have set out to follow for the rest of our lives.

The literal sin of a tattooFear God Tattoo on shoulder

In an even more abstract choice, an accepted Fear God tattoo meaning is the fact that tattoos are, in fact, sinful.

You are marking the body that was given to you by God, and thus you should feel some form of shame and/or remorse.

For those who are particularly flagellant when it comes to their religious beliefs, this can feel like an interesting choice of tattoo.

You are committing sin by having the tattoo in the first place, but you are going to wear this like a badge of honor.

It might even be a choice for someone who knows they have sinned horribly, and who wishes to show some kind of general repentance.Fear God Tattoo on ear

That is a common feeling and something that can be construed in a creative way with the help of the right kind of tattoo.

Many times, these tattoos can carry an irony of sorts – that by even getting the tattoo, you are bringing on the wrath of God in the first place.

These are interesting feelings and the kind of experiences that, in time, will make you really think deeply about your choices in life and the path that led you to this moment.

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Like most tattoo choices, there is no ‘guaranteed’ Fear God tattoo meaning – what it means to you will mean something different to the next recipient.

Generally, though, this is one of the most literal tattoo meanings – that you have a genuine fear of God, albeit for the right reasons.

This is something to keep in mind in later life, and it can go a very long way to making sure you feel like you are both loyal to your religion and that you are understanding that fear and wrath are a crucial part of almost every religion in the modern world.Fear God Tattoo on hand

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