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Griffin Tattoo: Meaning

What is the meaning of a griffin tattoo?


When it comes to getting a tattoo, it is common that we choose something with a particular meaning or focus.

Every individual has their interests when it comes to the tattoo design.

We usually look to find something that can relate to who we are as people – and that makes sense.

Tattoos are a personal representation of ourselves, so why would you choose a tattoo that has no meaning to you?

With that in mind, many of us look to choose creatures, animals, or objects that we feel represent who we are.

Dog lovers, for example, might choose to get a dog tattooed on them.

Others choose to get a tattoo representing beasts from myth and legend.

For example, it is common for people to have a griffin tattooed on them.

Why, though?

And what is the meaning behind a Griffin tattoo?

There are many variable meanings out there, so let us break down the most common reasons why someone might choose a griffin as their preferred tattoo.

What is a griffin?Griffin Tattoo on shoulder

To understand why someone might choose to be represented by such a creature, we should first look at what a griffin is.

A griffin is not a real creature, as far as we know – it is a beast of fantasy and legend.

You might find one in a fantasy book, TV show, movie, or video game – but you will not find one in the wild.

They are a hybrid of a bird and a different animal.

Sometimes it will be a cross between an eagle and a lion; other times, it will be a different representation.Griffin Tattoo on chest

They are regarded as creatures of legend and often play a role in some fantastical journey.

Most of the time, they are linked with ancient North African legend and are prominent across Ancient Egyptian mythology. However, they are also found in a lot of Middle Eastern legends, especially in Iraq and Iran (formerly known as Persia).

Ancient Greece, too, has many a mention of the griffin.

The reasons why people choose to get a griffin tattoo are mainly due to a love of fantasy or a feeling of relevance to the griffin tattoo’s meaning.

What does a Griffin tattoo mean? Common interpretationsWhat is the meaning of a griffin tattoo


Given that the griffin is a combination of powerful and brave animals, the fact it is a headstrong and brave being should come as no surprise.

The griffin tattoo meaning most commonly accepted, then, is the presence of bravery.

People who have undergone major life challenges might relate to a griffin.

For instance, someone who has been through incredible personal challenges, such as having a life-threatening illness or coming through a warzone, might relate to the bravery and strength of an eagle.

The griffin is commonly seen as a beast that would stand up to anything that got in the way of its journey. Therefore, the most commonly accepted griffin tattoo symbolizes bravery and strength in danger.

NobilityGriffin Tattoo on back of a man

Another ordinary griffin tattoo meaning comes from the fact that the lion and eagle are seen as part of the aristocracy in the animal kingdom.

The lion is a king of the jungle, and the eagle is regarded as one of the most powerful avian lifeforms.

As such, combining both creates a highly regal and respected lifeform.

Having a griffin on you is a symbol of nobility. You might not necessarily come from noble blood, but you might carry a torch for nobility and royalty and want to show this off.

Luck and FortuneGriffin Tattoo on chest of a man black and white

The griffin is commonly used as a protector of treasure that it has found during its adventures and journeys.

They are seen as smart, intelligent beings who can easily locate and find treasure and fortune that would slip by those with less of a nose for such things.

Therefore, a common griffin tattoo meaning is that you are a lucky person.

If you, too, find yourself often coming into fortune and fame, then the griffin is a pretty natural representation of who you are and the natural luck you bring.

A font of wisdomGriffin Tattoo on neck

Seen in many lights, the griffin is commonly associated with ancient alchemy, science, and wisdom.

They are commonly represented on the old crests and books of scholars and the highly respected intellects of that time.

Many people choose the griffin as their tattoo because they feel like they are wise.

This is one of the most common griffin tattoo meanings because it is an attribute that we admire in others and wish to showcase in ourselves.

The griffin is usually chosen as a tattoo for people who feel elevated on an intellectual level.

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DualityGriffin Tattoo on back

An interesting yet somewhat uncommon griffin tattoo meaning is for those who feel like they are living two lives.

Given the griffin is a combination of two completely contrasting animals, many associates the griffin with the duality of life, that our lives can be uniquely challenging and different in ways that we would never have imagined.

Do you feel like you often live two separate lives, personal and professional?

Then the griffin can be an excellent representation of that flux that you might be feeling daily.

This might not be the most common griffin tattoo meaning, but it is accepted as a more abstract, creative choice.

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As you can see, there is more than one meaning of a griffin tattoo.

The reasons one chooses to have a griffin emblazoned on their body can change from person to person.

What cannot be in dispute, though, is that the griffin is an animal that divides opinion and thought.

Some see it as a noble creature, others as a sign of the challenging duality of the world we live within.Griffin Tattoo on chest of a man

May it bring you fame, fortune, luck, wealth, intelligence, protection, and bravery, though, the griffin is an excellent choice of tattoo.

If you want to be represented by a noble presence and a creature that ranks high among the most interesting mythical beings ever created, choose the griffin.

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