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Hammerhead Shark Tattoo Meaning

What does a Hammerhead Shark tattoo mean?


Ever since the Hollywood classic movie Jaws warned us that we’d ‘never go in the water again’ it’s safe to say that the world has been seemingly obsessed with sharks.

Our oceans are, of course, home to all manner of weird and wonderful marine animals, yet the shark has to be one of the most revered, yet feared creatures on the planet.

Sharks are fascinating creatures.

We fear them, we respect them, and we can’t seem to get enough of them.

The fact that, every single year, we have ‘Shark Week’ on the TV, shows us just how much we, as a race, enjoy watching sharks.

Whereas it is, of course, the Great White Shark that tends to grab the most headlines, one of the most fascinating and misunderstood species of shark swimming in the ocean is the unusual hammerhead shark.

Hammerhead sharks are fascinating to look at, which is why so many people choose to get them tattooed on their bodies. But what is the true hammerhead shark tattoo meaning, and why do people choose to get hammerhead shark body art?

Well, we intend to find out.Hammerhead Shark Tattoo

Hammerhead Shark Tattoo Meanings:

Hammerhead sharks are a species of shark that has a particularly unusually shaped head.

Their heads are, not surprisingly, shaped like that of a hammer.

Hammerhead sharks are members of the Sphyrnidae family and are unmistakable thanks to their laterally extended, flat heads, which are literally shaped like those of a hammer, or a capital ‘T.’

The sharks have their eyes placed on either side of this unique, T-shaped head, and they certainly look unusual, and even slightly comical.

Found all over the globe, they tend to prefer warmer waters, and despite being marine predators, they are less aggressive than a lot of other species of shark.

As these animals are so unique, more and more tattoo artists are being hired to provide hammerhead shark tattoos.

Here’s a look at the meaning behind these tattoos.

Hammerhead sharks are symbols of protectionHammerhead Shark Tattoo Meanings

For people who wish to be seen as protectors, or who wish to portray messages of protection, hammerhead shark tattoos are ideal.

Many cultures across the world would revere hammerhead sharks and view them as guardians of the ocean, protecting people from other species of sharks, such as tiger sharks and great whites.

As far as hammerhead shark tattoo meanings go, men, and women too for that matter, often have these tattoos to symbolize the fact that they are protectors of their family.

Parents who would do anything to protect their children often choose hammerhead shark tattoos to portray this message and get it across.

Hammerhead shark tattoos project confidencehammerhead shark tattoo with hammer

Another popular hammerhead shark tattoo meaning explanation is the fact that these sharks are seen as symbols of confidence.

Hammerhead sharks look unusual, yet they will through the ocean waters with such confidence that all creatures that get in their way will quickly seek cover and promptly get out of their way.

People who are embracing a new confident mindset and outlook on life will often ask their tattooist to decorate their bodies with a large, prominent, imposing hammerhead shark.

For people who are finally embracing their originality or going through a so-called ‘glow up’ as it were, hammerhead shark tattoos are ideal.

Hammerhead shark tattoos represent tenacityhammerhead shark tattoo simple

Another very common and well-known hammerhead shark tattoo meaning is the fact that hammerhead sharks represent tenacity.

Hammerhead sharks may not be the biggest creatures in the ocean, or the fastest, or have the sharpest teeth, but what they lack in physical attributes, they more than make up for in the form of tenacity.

For people who see themselves as especially tenacious, a hammerhead shark tattoo could be ideal.

Fighters, for example, often have hammerhead shark tattoos somewhere on their bodies to represent the fact that they are tenacious.

Sure, they might not hit the hardest, be the biggest, the strongest, or the fastest, but when they’re knocked down, they will keep getting up time and time again.

That is what tenacity is all about, which is why a hammerhead shark tattoo is perfect in this scenario.

Hammerhead sharks encourage us to embrace our imperfectionshammerhead shark tattoo ideas

Let’s be perfectly real here, hammerhead sharks look funny.

They have weird-shaped heads and eyes, and generally look comical rather than imposing.

Despite this, however, they are many people’s favorite species of shark and are seen by many as beautiful.

Another reason why people choose to have a tattoo of a hammerhead shark on their body is down to the fact that the sharks can encourage people to embrace their flaws and imperfections.

Whether it’s a physical disfigurement, a character flaw, aging, or anything else, if society deems it as an imperfection, or even if you do it yourself, a hammerhead shark tattoo serves as a reminder for you to embrace your flaws and imperfections.

Hammerhead sharks project feelings of confidencehammerhead shark tattoo forearm

The last possible hammerhead shark tattoo meaning which we will be looking at today is one based upon confidence.

Sharks are amongst the most badass creatures in all of the ocean.

When we think of marine predators and sea creatures to be feared, the shark is usually the first species that springs to mind.

People who wish to project feelings of confidence, and show the world that they are confident in their own skin as who they are will often choose to have a hammerhead shark tattoo or two, somewhere on their bodies.

This is because the sharks have such an aura of confidence about them.

Whether you choose to have one tattooed on your arm, your chest, your back, your leg, your shoulder, or anywhere else, if you want to project a confident vibe, hammerhead sharks are the perfect creatures to decorate your body with.


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