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Harley Quinn Tattoo: Meaning

Harley Quinn is an outrageous comic book character in the DC Universe co-created by the great pair of Paul Dini and Bruce Timm. A Harley Quinn tattoo meaning is full of toxic relationships, equity, vulnerability, and more.

Superhero movies are THE big thing for a few decades now (unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock).

When people discuss superheroes and comic book characters, you are usually a fan of either Marvel or DC.

If you’re team DC, there’s one character commonly associated with Batman and The Joker, who is serving as inspiration for tattoo designs all over the world.

That character is Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn is a DC comic book extravagant supervillainess; however, since Australian actress Margot Robbie portrayed the character in 2016’s Suicide Squad movie ($749 million at the box office worldwide), Harley became the best-selling female character in comics.joker & harley quinn tattoo on belly

Harley Quinn Tattoo – Meanings:

They Are About Complexity And Multiple Personalities

Even after considering yourself to have a complex personality (thinking outside of the box or very independent), you will certainly find Harley Quinn Tattoos very interesting because of her character in DC Comics.

Harley was first introduced as The Joker’s sidekick and love interest.

A former psychologist at Gotham’s infamous Arkham Asylum, Harley was manipulated into falling for the Joker, allowing herself to be transformed into a criminal past redemption.poison ivy and harley quinn tattoo on chest small

In the movies and comic books, Harley is slightly unhinged (i.e., affected by madness or insanity), a little psychotic, erratic, lovable, caring, passionate, and cunning.

The DC Comics supervillain has multiple personalities — now known as dissociative identity disorder — (and homicidal tendencies), which is why Harley Quinn’s tattoos are so popular.

Thus, if you feel that you have multiple personalities or you wish to celebrate individuals struggling with different personalities and character traits, a Harley Quinn tattoo may be very appealing to you.simple small harley quinn tattoo on just one finger

These Tattoos Represent Toxic Relationships

Like it or not, there are plenty of people (I know at least a couple in my family!) out there who are in toxic relationships that they can’t seem to break free of.

They are in a toxic relationship with the wrong person, and they just can’t seem to leave or end it.

If you find the above to be scarily accurate, a Harley Quinn tattoo is a great way to symbolize this.harley quinn cartoon tattoo on back

For those of you unfamiliar with the character, Harley Quinn is romantically involved with another DC character — The Joker.

They bring the worst out of each other, yet somehow, they work.

Both Harley and The Joker are flawed.

They fight, and they do a lot worse.

Harley and The Joker know they’re toxic, but they’re always drawn together. For some people, this rings particularly true.

A common Harley Quinn tattoo meaning explanation is simply the fact that the tattoo represents a toxic relationship.harley quinn sleeve tattoo

You may get the tattoo to remind yourself of the fact you’re in a toxic relationship, or maybe it is your way of trying to break free.

Important note – it may even be that the tattoo represents a toxic relationship with food, alcohol, gambling, or another addictive substance or pastime.

The Are About Abusive Relationships

If you managed to flee an abusive relationship (about 1 in 4 women experience severe intimate partner physical violence), you may also find Harley Quinn’s tattoos appealing.

As I already told you, Harleen Frances Quinzel has been forced, brainwashed by Joker, to become her lover.

In the comics, however, she is a single mother who breaks away from an abusive relationship, eventually becoming a supervillain.

A common Harley Quinn tattoo meaning is that the tattoo symbolizes people escaping abusive relationships.harley quinn neck tattoo

If you have managed to flee a toxic, abusive, codependent relationship, it is possible that you may choose these tattoo designs as a reminder.

As such, if you ink a Harley Quinn tat, it can help you to know how brave you’ve been and how much suffering you were able to overcome, and ultimately, it helps you to never go back — into a similar relationship.

They Represent Strength

Harley Quinn may not be as physically big and strong as some of the other characters (Superman, Darkseid, or Doomsday) in the DC universe, but she is still one of the strongest characters there is.

Harley is an intelligent supervillain, and she has fought through all the odds to get whatever she wants.

She is a character that is literally strong as far as physical strength, but it is the strength that she has, emotional or mental, that makes her unique.

This is, therefore, no surprise since only a mentally strong person gets this tattoo, and Harley Quinn resembles mental strength.

Whether you’ve overcome mental health issues, abusive partners, or any other adversity in life, if you’ve had the strength and courage to do so, you may wish to speak to your tattoo artist and have them design you a tattoo featuring this character.harley quinn cartoon tattoo on back of a woman

These Tattoos Represent Level Headedness

The character Harley Quinn was based upon a harlequin, which was a character from 16th century Italian theatre, that found its way to England.

The character generally wears a hat similar to that of a jester and appears in plays and theatrical performances alongside jesters.

Whereas the jester would be a bumbling, erratic fool, the harlequin character was a stark contrast to this.simple minimalist harley quinn tattoo on wrist

The harlequin was the level-headed one of the duo and was more wily and cunning.

But if this is all under control for you, then the Harley Quinn tattoo is here for you.

They Tattoos Represent Love 

So when I said “what Harley Quinn’s tattoo represents,” I was forced to consider the idea of love.

Harley Quinn fell in love with The Joker (quite shocking, I know). Although, he was romantically (even had a a pregnant wife named Jeannie) involved with other partners in the comic series.harley quinn cartoon tattoo on back woman

Despite their flaws, The Koker and Harley love each other and are fiercely loyal to each other. They have a toxic relationship that works.

She’s the Yin to his Yang.

The two just work.

If you have nothing but love and loyalty for your partner, Harley Quinn tattoos are the way to go, no matter what the universe may throw at you.

So, keeping all that in mind, getting a Harley Quinn tattoo is a means of letting the world know just how in love you are with your partner and that yours is a real love.harley quinn realistic tattoo on ankle


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