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Fall Of Icarus Tattoo: Meaning

What does the fall of Icarus tattoo mean?


The ancient Greeks have given us some pretty epic tales.

From Hercules and Odysseus to the Trojan Horse and the Battle of Troy, it’s clear that they left a lasting impression upon us.

There’s one tale that especially resonates with a lot of us and serves as awesome tattoo inspo, and that is the tale of Icarus.

In Greek myth, the story goes that Icarus, the son of master craftsman Daedalus, was imprisoned in a tower with his father by King Midos.

Midos suspected the duo helped Theseus escape from the Labyrinth and wasn’t exactly thrilled by this.

Theseus was one of Minos’ enemies, in case you were wondering.

As his father was such a skilled craftsman, he is said to have built some wings for his son to escape, using feathers, scraps, and beeswax.Icarus Tattoo behind ear

He warned his son not to get arrogant and fly too close to the sun.

Despite this, Icarus ignored his father, strapped the wings to his back, and sailed too close to the fierce Greek sun.

The heat melted the wax wings, and he plunged into the sea below.

It’s a great tale with a great message, which is why Icarus tattoos are in high demand.

Here are several possible Icarus tattoo meaning explanations.

Fall of Icarus Tattoo – Meaning:

Icarus Tattoos Warn Against Arroganceicarus back tattoo

Arrogance is not an attractive trait for a person to possess.

While there is nothing wrong with a little confidence and self-belief, arrogance instantly makes people unattractive to others.

Sometimes, however, people may find themselves becoming arrogant and showing off similar character traits without even realizing it.

When this happens, a reality check or a metaphorical wake-up call is sometimes needed.

Icarus got cocky.

His father warned him not to fly too high and get too close to the sun, but he did anyway.

He became arrogant, he thought he knew best, and he paid the ultimate price because of it.

A possible Icarus tattoo meaning is therefore to remind people to stay humble.

No matter how successful you are, you should always try to stay humble and true to your roots, rather than becoming arrogant and cocky.

Icarus Tattoos Highlight the Importance of Trusting Othersfall of icarus tattoo on chest

Another reason to seriously think about getting an Icarus tattoo is because it can serve as a reminder to trust others.

If you find yourself doubting a lot of people, or assuming that everybody is out to get you, it might be time for you to see the good in people instead.

An Icarus tattoo can serve as a great reminder of this.

Daedalus warned his son about flying too close to the sun.small icarus tattoo simple

He warned him that doing so would damage the wings he had built for him.

If he had only listened to his father and taken his advice instead of thinking he knew best, the wax wouldn’t have melted, and he wouldn’t have plunged into the sea below.

If you want to see the good in people, and you aren’t afraid to take advice from other people, getting a tattoo of Icarus is a great way to demonstrate this.

These Tattoos Represent Level-Headednessminimalist icarus tattoo on finger

When people discuss some of the potential Icarus tattoo meaning explanations, many believe that the tattoo can highlight the importance of keeping a level head.

Far too many of us are too quick to fly off the handle, lose our cool, and act impulsively.

Usually, this costs us. Icarus started off his journey to freedom with a level head, yet the more time that passed, and the closer to freedom he got, the more irrational he began to act.icarus tattoo forearm

If he’d stayed calm and level-headed, his father’s plan would have worked, and he would be free.

People who have a short temper, or who maybe act impulsively without thinking, may choose an Icarus tattoo to remind them to stay calm.

Instead of flying off the handle, if they use the tattoo as a reminder to keep a level head, chances are they’ll have a much easier life.

It Highlights an Interest in Greek Mythsimple icarus tattoo on ankle

If you have an interest in Greek mythology and are looking for a tattoo to highlight this passion of yours, get onto your tattoo artist and have them create an Icarus tattoo for you.

The tale of Icarus is one of the most interesting and exciting in Greek mythology.

It’s also one which teaches very important lessons.

If you’re a fan of Greek myth, or even just the tale of Icarus sailing too close to the sun, an Icarus tattoo comes very highly recommended.

Icarus Tattoos Symbolize a Longing for Freedomminimalist simple icarus tattoo on shoulder

For as long as he could remember, Icarus was imprisoned at the top of a tower along with his father.

They longed for freedom and came up with every plan under the sun (pardon the pun) to escape.

Eventually, they were able to do so.

Well, kind of.icarus wings tattoo on back

People who feel imprisoned often relate to Icarus more than any other character from Greek myth.

For example, there might be times when people feel trapped in a dead-end job or a toxic relationship going nowhere.

They want to escape these things and get a better life, but they don’t know how.

A popular Icarus tattoo meaning explanation is that the tattoo symbolizes freedom.

Often, people will have their tattoo artist create a tat of Icarus soaring through the sky with his wings strapped to his back.

Him escaping the tower is the freedom that some people yearn for. Of course, we all know what happened next, but Icarus did still enjoy his freedom, even if it was short lived.

These Tattoos Represent Consequencesicarus falling tattoo meaning

For every action there is a consequence, and this is highlighted perfectly in the tale of Icarus.

Icarus ignored the advice of others, he thought he knew better than everybody else, he did what he wanted, and his choices came back to bite him in the metaphorical rear end.

As far as Icarus tattoo meaning explanations go, these particular designs serve as reminders that actions have consequences and that maybe, we should think before we act.


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