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King Cobra Tattoo Meaning

What does a King Cobra tattoo mean?


Whereas, decades ago, people would look at you a little bit funny if they saw you had a tattoo, or would jump to assumptions and assume you were a rebel or a criminal if you had tattoos, nowadays things are much different.

Today, you are far more likely to receive funny looks if you do not have a tattoo.

Tattoos are wonderful.

They give us confidence, they look great, they are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and they’re a great way to express yourself, express your individuality, and make a statement in the process.

When people get tattoos, they get all kinds of different designs, for many different reasons.

Whether you get black and white or color, a self-portrait or a quote, or anything else, you can have your tattoo designed the way that you want.

Animal tattoos, in particular, are proving to be very popular, and in terms of coolness, you don’t get much cooler than a snake tattoo.

This is why so many people choose to have king cobras tattooed upon their persons.

But what is the cobra tattoo meaning, and what makes these snake tattoos so desirable?

Let’s take a look, shall we?King Cobra Tattoo Meanings

King Cobra Tattoo Meanings:

King Cobras are snakes that are highly venomous. In fact, cobra is a blanket term used to describe a number of different species of snake found in that particular family. The majority of which are members of the Naja genus.

Currently, all known species of cobra are venomous to some degree.

Most cobras are renowned for rearing upright and producing a hood when threatened, before striking their targets, sinking their teeth in, and administering a dose of poison that could be fatal to humans.

As you can see, cobras are very beautiful, yet very dangerous snakes, which makes cobra tattoos even more appealing.

If you’re thinking of going with a cobra tattoo, here is a look at several cobra tattoo meaning explanations.

Cobra tattoos symbolize fertilityking cobra tattoo design

In many cultures around the world, the cobra snake is a sign of fertility and, therefore, can represent fertility and new life.

Some people choose to get a cobra tattoo as a way to celebrate their child or children.

In particular, men, and women too for that matter, who may have struggled to conceive, yet have managed to bring a life, or lives, into the world, will choose to get a cobra tattoo by way of celebrating their fertility and achievement.

A cobra’s head is said to somewhat resemble the head of a penis, which is, of course, a sign of fertility, so it will, of course, make sense for a cobra tattoo to also represent fertility.king cobra tattoo on neck

Cobra tattoos symbolize power

Another very popular explanation for a cobra tattoo meaning is the fact that cobras symbolize power.

As mentioned, every known species of cobra is venomous to some degree, which means that a bite from cobra species is going to cause some serious damage in one way or another.

Because cobras are such dangerous creatures and because they have such powerful venom, cobra tattoos are often used to symbolize power.

Now, the power could be in a literal sense, in which case an MMA fighter, boxer, martial artist, or strength athlete may choose to have a cobra tattoo to represent their physical strength.

On the flip side, some people will use a cobra tattoo to represent metaphorical strength, i.e., mental strength.

People who have overcome adversity in the past, for example, often have cobra tattoos to celebrate their mental fortitude and the fact that they got through a particularly dark time in their life.

Cobras represent dangerking cobra tattoo designs

Let’s face it, people have tattoos for different reasons, and while most tattoos have positive messages behind them, there are some that have the exact opposite.

Another, albeit rarer, cobra tattoo meaning is that cobras represent danger. Some people who wish to be edgy or who are genuinely dangerous such as criminals, fighters, etc., will have a prominent tattoo of a cobra somewhere on their body because they are dangerous.cobra tattoo on arm

Some people will get a cobra tattoo because they want to seem edgy or cool, whereas others will get one simply as a warning, to tell other people to leave them alone and not to approach them.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that they intend on hurting people or being aggressive, it just means that they wish to be left alone, which we absolutely get.

Cobras signify bravery and the willingness to take risksking cobra tattoo ideas

Cobras are not particularly large animals, but don’t let their seemingly small size fool you, because they are some of the most fearsome and bravest creatures on the face of the world.

People who are brave or have summoned up the courage to be brave and take risks have often got cobra tattoos to celebrate this particular character trait.

Whether it’s leaving a toxic relationship, starting a new business venture, going exploring, or starting a new life somewhere, if a person has been particularly brave and has taken a risk, a cobra tattoo is a perfect way of paying homage to this fact.

Cobras represent fearlessnessrealistic king cobra tattoo

Even though we’ve just looked at how a common cobra tattoo meaning is one of bravery, cobras can also signify fearlessness.

Some would argue that fearlessness is simply a synonym for bravery, but to us, fearlessness goes above and beyond bravery.

Bravery is facing your fears, whereas fearlessness is not having any fears to face.cobra tattoo on hand

Those with particularly fearless natures will tackle any obstacle thrown their way and will approach challenges head-on without a second thought.

King Cobras are very fearless snakes as they will rear up and strike even the biggest of creatures without a second thought.

If you consider yourself incredibly fearless, a king cobra tattoo would be the perfect addition to your body.


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