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Larkspur Flower Tattoo: Meaning

Larkspur flower Tattoo’s meaning mainly depends on the color in which the larkspur is designed. Blue larkspur is for peacefulness, and pink larkspur is for love. Dark purple for love at first sight and royalty, and white for purity.

Larkspur is a member of the Delphinium genus of more than 300 species of flowering plants in the Ranunculaceae family.

In the wilds, larkspur flowers are seen in the meadows, fields and on the roadside and usually bloom in the months of spring or summertime!

Larkspur flowers, with their high nectar content and vibrant colors, are a favorite of pollinators such as bees, butterflies and even hummingbirds.Larkspur Flower Tattoo

With those beautiful flowers also come toxic – often alkaloids such as delphinine and ajacine.

All parts of the plant are toxic and can cause adverse symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, and cardiac arrhythmias, in human and animal health.

Larkspur Flower Tattoo – Meanings – July Birth Flower:

They are about lovelarkspur and daisy tattoo

In the Victorian era, the larkspur flower represented an open heart and also an excessive desire for love.

This expanded meaning packs a particular appeal with the kind of contemporary tattoo fan who looks to put feelings of love, devotion, and emotional openness into their ink.

Whether in a bouquet or slouching in the margins of a hastily composed note, larkspur spoke the stories of adoration and desire, weaving tales of love in a garden of floral gestures unique to the language of flowers.

Fast forward to now though, and the beauty that the larkspur flower still has, albeit now in ink form.Larkspur Flower Tattoo on finger

In modern tattoo culture, the meaning behind larkspur tattoos is also recognition of true love and commitment, so people who choose this tattoo want to honor love and intimacy.

They are about positivity

Larkspurs are very attractive flowers, and they give off a very lively vibe, symbolizing joy and playfulness.

This definition of the flower is why people will have it as a tattoo to denote a kind of bittersweet happiness with an optimistic outlook on life.

The fragile larkspur birth flower represents the lightheartedness that one needs to treasure the small things in life.Larkspur Flower Tattoo behind ear

The larkspur tattoo design is unique compared to most floral tattoos, and it carries a meaning of happiness. The larkspur, with its colorful, paper-thin petals, all but spelled play. This might be particularly enticing for those who are looking for a more positive form of exercise.

Larkspur tattoos symbolize a cheery personality and can inspire the wearer to think positively. They can even be a reminder of the sun in your mundane as an everyday kind of grace.

This old-school bloom has a feminine connotation only, meaning it lacks the weight of negative connotations, keeping the symbolism pure.

water lily and larkspur tattoo on shoulder

Water Lily and Larkspur tatto

Not only does having a Larkspur tattoo symbolize new life and newfound light, but it also represents the fantastic vigor and summer flow vibrancy.

The tattoos being given at certain times can help them to be imbued with a meaning with events or times and places in memory that bring a sense of peace.

You may choose a larkspur tattoo because there has been a personal victory, or maybe you just love life and want to celebrate the small things. As such, this lightheartedness is appropriate for a moment of delight.

These tattoos are about commemoration

Larkspur tattoos are also chosen in remembrance of people who have passed, making an elegant and touching tribute to a departed friend.larkspur tattoo black and white on wrist

It appeals to our sense of the ephemeral, a metaphor for the brevity and fragility of life — the fragile twin petals of the larkspur make it a perfect choice when honoring the memory of someone who meant so much.

They tend to be very personal tattoos that show a link between the wearer and the person who is being honored.

A larkspur tattoo, in and of itself, will not only act as a tribute but will also make them reminisce moments of the person deceased or of the love they used to share by retriggering memories connected to larkspur blossoms. But it could be a process in grief, bringing the wearer that much closer to their loved one who flew with the larkspur flower on the side.

Symbolism by Color

The larkspur tattoo color greatly determines its symbolism. Here are the primary color associations:

Blue Larkspurwater lily and larkspur tattoo on shoulder of a woman

Blue larkspurs are also known for representing peace. It is the classic choice of a tattooist who wants this to symbolize peace in their tattoos.

In general, blue is considered a soothing color and it is perfect for people who want to rest and feel peaceful in their life. These blue larkspur tattoos also symbolize the peacemaking mind. Therefore, many people who wish to remain calm and at peace within themselves may use this type of red larkspur tattoo.

Pink Larkspurpink Larkspur tattoo on chest

The tattoo is ideal eight for those of you who are planning to get ink that has a soft and less frightening appearance.

And if you’re in love or want to shout it to the world, pink – with its soft, gentle connotations – is a good hue for tattoos that denote love or passion, the kind of tattoos that have to do with relationships (especially of the romantic kind).

A pink larkspur tattoo might be a reminder of a missing cherished one or a sentiment and caring essence.

Purple LarkspurLarkspur Flower Tattoo - Meanings

The purple larkspur flower is indicative of royalty, admiration and love.

Purple is a color of royalty and signifies wealth, and it has also been incorporated into tattoos that represent the values mentioned above.

A purple larkspur tattoo represents a great, often passionate love that is often given as a gift to a lover. Purple color also indicates a desire to be admired, so it is an excellent choice to honor a person who is an idol or hero in your heart.

White Larkspur

The white larkspur is representative of purity, joy, and innocence. White stands for joy and pure heart, so the white larkspur tattoo is all about simplicity and sincerity.

Red Larkspurwhite and red Larkspur tattoo

The color red is passionate, which makes a good color for correlating strong feelings on tattoos.

I love the inclusion of red for a red larkspur tattoo simply because red is universally known of all colors as being a color representing intensity, whether that be good or bad, but mostly red is the color of raw, heartfelt passion between two (or more) beings at a time in their lives where they feel die-hard energy.

Representative of a passionate personality and used to memorialize a romantic relationship, a red larkspur tattoo is a bold symbol of intensity.Larkspur Flower Tattoos


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