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Moon And Lotus Tattoo: Meaning

A moon and lotus tattoo embodies a journey of awakening and managing dualities (light and dark, growth and stagnation, material and spiritual worlds).

The phases of the moon signify spiritual growth, change & evolution, while the lotus flower from the muddy waters shows how we can come out of our tragedies a new pure breed that has been reborn and knows their path is one of truth and wisdom.

Moon symbolism

The moon quite literally holds a special place in our imagination, as it shines bright in the night sky and mystifies us in many aspects of our culture over the millennia.

From the new moon to the full moon and back again, its various phases reflect the passage of time and the ways in which we cycle through life and are, by design, always changing and transforming.

Lotus symbolismMoon And Lotus Tattoo

The lotus flower is a sacred symbol that is rich with religious and cultural connotations steeped within the stories of Eastern histories.

Metaphorically, the movement of a lotus from the dirty, stinky water to the surface and then to the beauty that’s beyond the description of pure is a huge lesson on being reborn.

The lotus is one of the most well-known symbols of Buddhism and represents spiritual enlightenment and the journey to enlightenment.

The process of the growth of the lotus correlates to the stages in the spiritual path of a person. The desire rooted in roots points to the human experience.Moon And Lotus Tattoos

While the stem of the lotus grows upwards through the water, it signifies the life of a being, its journey through the mud of material life carving out of itself a beautiful being striving for purity.

Moon And Lotus Tattoo – Meanings:

They are about enlightenment

In a tattoo, the moon and lotus both contain a symbol of transcendence and unity –complementary elements of anyone in pursuit of -or already traveling down –the spiritual path, which represents an intricate and refined path to enlightenment.

As the moon displays its myriad phases mirroring the spiritual journey, the lotus symbolizes supreme purity and illumination. All these symbols, when put together, tell a story of awakening.lotus tree of life and moon tattoo sleeve

The lunar phases – from new to full to new again – make the most poignant metaphor for the nature of spiritual growth.

The new moon integrates darkness, introspection and intention setting, planting spiritual seeds of ascension.

It is a potential phase in which that person realizes that changes are required and takes the initiative to discover himself/herself.

This stage of development, reminiscent of the initial stages of any spiritual journey, merely leads a human to withdraw within to seek those areas of his life that need transformation.

As the moon waxes, she reflects our spiritual growth processes. For all intents, this is a growing period loosely familiarizing yourself with the fundamental realitahs of existence.mandala lotus and moon tattoo on belly

The way the moon reveals its own vaster surface, the awakening individual sheds light on hidden aspects of himself and is more in touch with his essence, his means and goals. This stage is all about accepting new revelations, hurdling past difficulties and progression.

This is when the full moon (spiritual enlightenment or realization) sees completion. By now, one has digested the gospels, ascended to a new level of consciousness, and sees with full eyes.

The full moon in the sky represents fullness, auspiciousness, the full power of the body and the highest point. A time of rejoicing and taking stock of how far they have come and being mindful of the web of life where all beings matter.

The waning moon happens after the full moon when it is getting smaller, and it represents the renunciation of that which no longer serves us.

It is a crucial part of our spiritual journey – and that involves letting go of old beliefs, habits, relationships, and attachments that keep you stuck from growing.minimalist lotus and moon tattoo on just one finger

As the moon crumbles represents reflection, healing and cleaning up spiritual habits. It is a period of purging, readying that person for the next round of blossoming and change.

The lotus flower, on the other hand, is the representation of the destination of this spiritual journey: purity and enlightenment. Coming in the murky waters but blooming unsullied, the lotus speaks of the capability of coming out of a hard state of affairs unhurt and achieving spiritual enlightenment.lotus flower and crescent moon tattoo on shoulder

The fact that its roots in the mud represent grounding and truths about our life experience, much like our struggles, while it ascends through the water gives us the creativity, effort and persistence required to transcend those difficulties.

The blossom above the surface symbolizes enlightenment, an immaculate and untouched state of purity and enlightenment unaffected by the mud of the material world.

A moon and lotus tattoo, as I have described above, reveals an overall path of enlightenment.crescent moon and lotus tattoo on wrist

They are about dualities

The dualities are a part of everyday life and the overture to the struggle to maintain harmony and a tattoo encompassing the moon and lotus simply expresses this struggle in a metaphor.

Light and dark, growth and stillness, material and spiritual — the equilibrium between these opposing forces is encapsulated by these two subliminal symbols, each steeped in layers of rich meanings.small moon and lotus tattoo on chest

Either is essential for inner balance and, in truth, reminds us of the interconnection of these dualities on our planet.

The moon and its cycle of full and new (re)present life and death.

This dance of light and darkness that occurs as the moon shifts from full to new and back to full can be a powerful symbol of the natural ebb and flow of light and darkness in our lives. The new moon signifies darkness, mystery and the need to have faith.sun moon and lotus flower tattoo on back

On the other hand, the lotus flower symbolizes growth from rest.

As the water settles, the rooted lotus grows and eventually blooms on the surface. This rise up out of the stagnancy of the bottom into the light is moving from possibility to actuality.

The water being so calm indicates a meditative, contemplative mindset, essential for experiencing the kind of growth that transforms us.lotus tree of life and moon tattoo sleeve woman

This combination of growth and stillness is essential for growth in the individual perspective. The lotus teaches us that quietness and meditation are not times of no motion but vivid beds for severe evolution and illumination.

In terms of a tattoo, the moon and lotus combine the material and spiritual realms.

In astrology, the moon is associated with emotions and feelings, but it is also the planet of material reality — the here and now — as well as the moon is associated with the sea, and the sea is another aspect of the moon that we can observe directly.

Meanwhile, the lotus represents spiritual purity and enlightenment – serving as the supreme example of divinity and spiritualism for over two millennia in Asian cultures – the higher ideals that rise above worldly desires.

Combined, they represent the balance of the material and spiritual.mandala lotus and moon tattoo on belly woman


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