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Oni Mask Tattoo: Meaning

What is the meaning of an oni mask tattoo?


Japan is a country famous for many things.

From Matcha and sushi to Zen gardens and Manga, we can certainly see why so many Westerners love it there.

Another lesser-known influence from Japan, that we personally find very interesting, is something that has influenced a number of stunning tattoo designs over the years. That something is the Oni mask.

Oni masks are also called demon masks, and ogre masks.

They are a unique type of face mask worn during certain kinds of Japanese ceremonies and performances.

They’re typically made using materials like cloth and leather, and are decorated with horns, spikes, or other props to make them look more menacing and intimidating.oni mask chest tattoo

A lot of people think that the masks resemble the face of a devil or even a demon.

The masks don’t just look interesting, they’re also symbolic and have a variety of special meanings behind them.

This is partly why tattoos of the masks are so popular. But what exactly are some of the different Oni mask tattoos meaning explanations?

Let’s take a look.

Oni Mask Tattoo – Meanings:

Oni Masks are Symbols of Protectionhannya oni mask tattoo on back

Oni masks tattoos don’t just look great, they’re also perfect for spiritual people and people who want good vibes and good energy in their life too.

Even though the masks look menacing, they’re actually thought to bring good luck.

This is because some think of them as symbols of protection.hannya oni mask tattoo

In some cultures, for example, the Japanese believed that Oni masks would keep evil spirits and bad energy away.

People who wore the masks were thought to be safe from dark energy.

Anybody looking for protection from these things, therefore, may find an Oni mask tattoo the perfect design.

They Are Symbols of Masculinityoni mask back tattoo

In Japanese folklore, you’ll often find that Oni masks are sometimes confused with what are known as Hannya masks.

Hannya masks represent female demons.

Hannya are said to be females that, when consumed with jealousy, become so enraged that they transform into a Hannya demon and exact revenge on those who scorned them.

Because you find Oni masks are sometimes associated with Hannya masks, another possible Oni mask tattoo meaning is that the masks are symbols of masculinity.

Oni masks have masculine characteristics and resemble males, whereas Hannya masks are more feminine in appearance, and represent females.

Oni Mask Tattoos Represent Strengthtraditional oni mask tattoo

If you’re looking for a way to show just how strong you are, you may wish to opt for an Oni mask tattoo.

Whether you wish to showcase your physical strength, or emotional strength, Oni masks are a great way to do just that. People consider the masks as symbols of strength.

They have designs with muscular, hulking demons that are freakishly strong.

This, therefore, represents the fact that the person with the tattoo could be considered strong.

This could represent physical strength like you’d need for lifting weights, or emotional strength when life gets tough.

They Symbolize Beautysamurai oni mask tattoo

Let’s be honest, Oni masks aren’t the nicest thing to look at.

This is deliberate as they were constructed to look so hideous that even evil spirits would be scared of them.

If you pay closer attention to how they’ve been made however, you’ll see just how beautiful the masks are. Look a little closer, however, and you can begin to see the true beauty of the masks.

When talking about Oni mask tattoo meaning explanations, you’ll sometimes find that people get these tattoos because they can symbolize beauty.oni mask hand tattoo

The masks are very intricately made down to the very fine details. They look professional and when you admire the craftsmanship that has gone into making them, you can’t help but admire them.

Oni masks look amazing and can therefore symbolize beauty.

They may represent physical beauty, a person’s inner beauty, or even both.

The great thing about tattoo meanings is that they’re so subjective and can be interpreted however you like. It just so happens that many people interpret them to represent beauty.

A Reminder of the Struggle Between Good and Evilbroken oni mask tattoo on neck

Another reason why so many people tend to find Oni mask tattoos so popular is because they can represent our everyday struggle between good and evil.

Though not necessarily to be taken too literally, Oni masks are a great representation of good and bad.

The masks look evil and often resemble the face of a demon which is also evil, yet they can serve a positive purpose by warding off evil spirits.

If a person has overcome an addiction or perhaps turned over a new leaf and become a much nicer person, an Oni mask tattoo meaning could be to remind that person to keep going and not revert back to old ways.

They Can Represent Good Luckjapanese oni mask tattoo on ankle

In some cultures, Oni masks are not only believed to ward off evil spirits and serve as protection but they are also believed to represent good luck and bring good fortune to those who wear them.

People who are looking to turn their fortunes around and bring a little more luck into their lives, may find that an Oni mask tattoo is the ultimate good luck charm.

They Look Cooloni mask tattoo forearm

Even though some of our Oni mask tattoo meaning explanations have been deep and spiritual, not everybody gets a tattoo for those reasons.

Sometimes, people just get tattoos because they think that they look good.

As far as cool looking designs go, you can’t get much cooler looking than an Oni mask.oni mask neck tattoo

For people who like darker designs, such as skulls and demons, an Oni mask tattoo is obviously going to be very appealing.

Not only does it look cool, but it’s something a bit different from a standard, generic skull design, so instantly it will stand out right away.

The bottom line is that some people choose Oni mask tattoos because they look cool.oni mask chest tattoo of a man


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