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Pomegranate Tattoo: Meaning

Aside from the heavy historical and cultural symbolism, the pomegranate tattoo represents fertility, bounty and the cycle of life and death. Its Greek myth is associated with the goddess Persephone.

Although pomegranates are native to regions ranging from Iran in the east to northern India, in ancient times, just about 1600 BCE, people living in Egypt were already aware of this amazing food.

The fruit is now grown in almost all (more varied) regions of the world, including Asia East, Latin America, etc., and is the most cultivated fruit in the world today, only more grown in the United States – California is the largest producer.

The pomegranate is a symbol in multiple cultures and religions, as it has been noted through time as harboring moral and ethical values. Emeralds are associated with Persephone, queen of the underworld.

According to Jewish tradition, they are consumed during Rosh Hashanah (a celebration of the creation of the world) and are associated with fertility and wisdom.Pomegranate Tattoo

The Quran also speaks about pomegranates as the fruit of paradise and pomegranates stand for fertility too.

Pomegranate Tattoo – Meanings:

They are about fertility

The pomegranate arises easily in thought when thinking of the idea of abundance, particularly when considering the rich history of its meaning within different cultures.minimalist pomegranate tattoo

From my perspective as a tattoo artist, pomegranate is a popular choice among people who are interested in expressing the concept of abundance.

Since this fruit has countless seeds truly embodies the spirit of birth, flourishing and renewal within the cycles of life.

The fruit we know as the pomegranate is a central motif in ancient Greek myth and is directly related to the story of Persephone, goddess of spring and queen of the underworld.minimalist pomegranate tattoo on finger

I love to talk about this myth because it is so great, representing the dualism aspect of life and death.

The story goes that Hades fooled Persephone into eating six pomegranate seeds, sentencing her to the underworld for six months of the year.

While her mother was mourning, Persephone was forbidden from returning — preventing food from growing — causing the winter months. With Persephone back to the earth, the renewal of the land was starting, and life would sprout up on the earth.

Therefore, for me. the pomegranate tattoo represents the cycle of life — without a beginning or an end.simple minimalist pomegranate tattoo

The pomegranate is also important in Persian culture, and it is linked to Yalda Night, the eve of the winter solstice. This is a festival that is celebrated year-round to mark the victory of good energy over negative energy.

Those shiny jewel-toned seeds in that fruit are a vivid parallel to what a blooming life and the promise of more sun might bring.pomegranate seed tattoo on back

I remember once tattooing a pretty pomegranate design on a Persian girl that literally meant the world to her; she needed this small but significant reminder of her culture and the relative optimism it gave to her.

They are about personal growth

There was a time when I was navigating some of the most difficult chapters of my life.pomegranate seed tattoo on shoulder

We all had dark times, and we all struggled, much like the soil on the rocky soil where pomegranates grow.

In those times I would see the pomegranate as a sign of life. The abundant seeds symbolized the truth that inside every difficult situation.

A pomegranate is just like people — a biological vessel in which a seed forms, an analogy for the process of individual maturation.pomegranate seed tattoo behind ear

They are the thick hide for the much-needed juices within, much like our emotional and psychological prowess.

Each and every seed in the pomegranate represents an individual opportunity or highlight in your life.

I ponder this because this is how every experience, however brutal, contributes to my evolution and my power.

For anyone considering a pomegranate tattoo, remember — they are about more than just appearances.pomegranate tattoo on ankle

No, it is not about the fruit as such, but the countless seeds it holds, the tough skin it has formed after years of being battered, and the mere fact that it manages to flourish even in the harshest of conditions.

They are feminine beauty

Pomegranates, when I think of tattoos, are linked to the power of feminine beauty.

The pomegranate is a fruit of fine appearance with juicy seeds – an emblem of femininity, hence the perfect representation of womanhood. For many cultures, the fruit carries with it the symbolism of femininity.

The pomegranate is related to female attributes based on the physical shape of the fruit along with its meaning.pomegranate seed tattoo on belly

The feminine body is represented by the polished, fleshy shape of the ruby red fruit, and the fruit of the red pomegranate is the very essence of an abundance of life-supporting, life-sustaining life force.

It is an efficient non-verbal metaphor for the power of femininity as a result of fruit containing so many seeds – symbolizing fertility and the possibility of a new life.

A pomegranate tattoo also represents different stages of a woman’s own life, symbolizing the birth of a child or even survival through their personal milestones.

Because getting that symbol permanently embedded into your skin is like saying, “I know exactly what my strengths are as a woman, and I am proud of them and want to celebrate them.”

They are about passionsmall pomegranate tattoo

The red of the pomegranate seeds is also so symbolic.

The red color of the seeds seduces the viewer while embodying passion. The seed’s color can be an optical reflection of the flames and fury that bursting emotions possess.

When used in a tattoo, it can be the symbol of just how passionate we can be about our affairs.

On a personal level, you can ink a pomegranate tattoo to honor the link, the experiences, and the time you have had with your partner. Therefore, a pomegranate tattoo actually stands for love in your life.pomegranate tattoo small


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