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Praying Mantis Tattoo: Meaning

The praying mantis tattoo design represents mindfulness, patience, and transition. The meditative position of the insect is symbolic of spiritual awareness and immobility. The praying mantis is also seen to represent the flexibility required in martial arts and so has become a favored totem amongst practitioners.

Praying mantises are carnivorous insects that feed mostly on other insects; they prey on flies, crickets, moths, and other insects.

Staying perfectly still, these birds ambush prey as it come within range.

These are the only insects that can turn their heads from side to side. This flexibility enables them to better scan their surroundings for predators as well as for prey.Praying Mantis Tattoo

The mating ritual of praying mantises is infamous because the female sometimes eats the male after or during mating.

This behavior is believed to provide the female with extra nutrition, which is beneficial for egg production.

Praying Mantis Tattoo – Meanings:

They are about the martial artsblack praying mantis tattoo

The praying mantis has an interesting tie to mixed martial arts and is regarded in many Chinese cultures.

For instance, the Northern Praying Mantis style of Kung Fu (watch a demonstration on YouTube) is based on the swift, accurate strike patterns of this insect.

Created in the Ming dynasty by martial artist Wang Lang, this style imitates the insect’s movement and method of catching its eating prey.

I think that a praying mantis in a martial stance designed to be turned into a tattoo invokes the idea of commitment to hard work.

The kung fu style mimics the mantis’s raised position of front legs, as if in a fighting stance, meaning defense and offense simultaneously.simple praying mantis tattoo

From my perspective, the praying mantis is a creature of wonder due to its ability to strike with strength and accuracy.

For this reason, it is a common symbol for martial arts practitioners for both the strength and focus that the mantis represents. The instructor never rushes, just like a well-trained martial artist with superior mental preparation.

Therefore, the praying mantis represents strategy. This means you have to know your enemy in martial arts, and you have to make moves accordingly.

This notion is not unlike how, in martial arts, the need for a fighter to be still and observe in order to anticipate the opponent’s moves contrasts with the rapid movements.small praying mantis tattoo

The praying mantis also symbolizes patience and timing — two attributes important to martial arts.

The insect, whether by nature or just by practice, stays very still for long periods before striking, and it seems like this is one of the only forms I have seen that teach you about being still and patient and the value of waiting for your opportunity.

They are about a connection to nature

If you experience a deep nature connection, the praying mantis symbolizes the same heartfelt natural experience. It is a master of hide and seek that can easily blend in with the surroundings.realistic praying mantis tattoo

A tattoo of leaves or flowers mixed with the praying mantis will represent this relationship and remind you of your love for Mother Nature.

The use of camouflage is another reason that the praying mantis has been so successful in surviving.

While a praying mantis tattoo itself is a stylish design, with or without additional elements, it is a meaningful piece to remind you of how beautiful and intricate the natural world is.cute praying mantis tattoo on wrist small

In addition to the mantis’s natural environment, the tattoo is also reinforced by elements like leaves, twigs, or flowers, underscoring your connection to the environment.

The fact that the praying mantis is both predator and prey in the ecosystem, for me, is proof of the equilibrium in nature.

Such a yin-yang tattoo motif shows that we are connected to all things. Therefore, a praying mantis tattoo is a way to show the world that you stay in balance with nature.traditional praying mantis tattoo on back

They are about adaptability

The praying mantis is known as a very spiritual and powerful totem, embodying a wonderful energy of spiritual growth from change.

The insect undergoes various life stages from egg to nymph, then adult undergoing complete metamorphosis (ie, form and function changes completely at each stage).

This mirrors the human process of growth and makes the praying mantis a symbol –especially if you have gone through many life changes or are planning to start a new path.

One of the praying mantis’s most notable abilities is its adaptability to its environment in nature.traditional praying mantis tattoo behind ear

It has the ability to change its colors ever so slightly, which allows it to fade in its surroundings and thus avoid attacks by predators or to stand perfectly still and wait to pounce on its prey.

Their ability to blend in so effortlessly with their environment is just one of their many survival strengths. As such, if you choose to ink a praying mantis tattoo it means that you have the ability to adapt to anything.

These tattoos are about fertility

The praying mantis symbolizes fertility, femininity (thanks to the female mantis being the one who lays and cares for her eggs), etc.cute praying mantis tattoo on wrist small

Likewise, if you relate a tattoo that shows a praying mantis, it may represent protective motherhood, feminine, nurturing, and/or creative power of life.

The female praying mantis is a protective creature, laying hundreds of eggs to ensure that her kind survives.

This role, devotion, and guardianship of her offspring have made the praying mantis a symbol of fertility and the reproductive aspects of the feminine.

A praying mantis tattoo is a wonderful way to love (and fear) these insects.

Therefore, a praying mantis tattoo is most important for women with these characteristics or women who’d like to show respect to their role model as being women who give birth and mother babies.

A praying mantis tattoo can help show their ties to the life-giving and saving forces that are a part of them.minimalist praying mantis tattoo


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