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Red Cardinal Tattoo: Meaning

What is the meaning of a red cardinal tattoo?


For people looking for inspiration for their next tattoo, how about turning to Mother Nature herself for inspiration?

Our planet is home to some stunning wildlife, with more species out there than most of us could ever imagine.

When it comes to tattoo designs however, you can’t get much nicer than birds.

Bird tattoos are not uncommon, in fact, many tattoo artists credit them as being one of their most popular designs.

What’s great about bird tattoos is the fact that there are so many different species of bird to choose from, with each one looking different and symbolizing different things.

Because of their bright color, cardinals, or specifically, northern cardinals, make wonderful designs for body ink.

Also known as redbirds, northern cardinals are common across the US and Canada.

These songbirds are a vibrant amber-red color and are typically spotted in woodland, wetlands, shrublands, and even gardens in people’s homes.

But what are some possible cardinal tattoo meaning explanations?

Keep reading, because we’ll be explaining below.Red Cardinal Tattoo on thigh

Red Cardinal Tattoo – Meaning:

Cardinal Tattoos Represent Adventure and Enthusiasm

Despite the birds thriving in the wild, it is not uncommon to find cardinals in more suburban, and even urban surroundings.

Cardinals are quite inquisitive birds and will often explore areas where other birds may fly away from in fear.

Because the birds are adventurous and inquisitive, people who consider themselves to have the same character traits may find a cardinal tattoo very appealing.Red Cardinal Tattoo on belly

Tattoo artists often explain that a common cardinal tattoo meaning is that it symbolizes adventure and enthusiasm.

People who enjoy extreme sports, nature, outdoor sports, and perhaps exploring often decorate their bodies with tattoos of brightly colored cardinals.

This is a way of celebrating their own love of adventure and their enthusiasm for life.

Cardinal Tattoos Symbolize Fearlessnesssmall cardinal tattoo on finger

At around 8 – 9 inches in length, cardinal birds are not exactly the biggest bird species out there.

Not only that, but as they’re a bright amber-red color, they’re hardly the most camouflaged bird either.

Despite this, cardinals are brave and fearless birds, and they certainly don’t hide away from threats.

People who consider themselves to be brave and fearless, may also choose to have a cardinal tattoo upon their person.feminine cardinal tattoo small behind ear

Whether you work in a dangerous profession, or you’ve simply been brave enough to overcome adversity in the past, if you wish to celebrate your bravery and your fearlessness, a cardinal tattoo is a great way to showcase these particular traits.

Cardinal Tattoos Symbolize Being a Provider

A lot of tattoo artists being commissioned to create eye-catching cardinal bird tattoos often explain that their clients choose these particular designs to symbolize the fact that they consider themselves good providers.

Those caring for others, providing for a family, or simply being a good romantic partner find that cardinal bird tattoos are a great way to symbolize being such a good provider for those they care about.traditional cardinal tattoo on shoulder

When mating, the male cardinal will feed the female cardinal with seed from his beak.

This, of course, symbolizes putting metaphorical food on the table.

While you certainly don’t need to feed somebody mouth-to-mouth to be considered a good provider, if you are able to make others close to you happy and provide them with the love, attention, and behavior that they need, like the cardinal, this makes you a true provider.

Cardinal Tattoos Represent Being a Sports Fanmemorial red cardinal tattoo on back

Not only is the northern cardinal the state bird of seven states across the US (Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Virginia) it is also a bird associated with sports, namely baseball and football in the United States.

The St Louis Cardinals, for example, are a baseball team that competes in MLB (Major League Baseball), whereas the Arizona Cardinals are a football team based in Phoenix that competes in the NFL (National Football League).

Those who happen to be fans of these teams may choose to get a cardinal tattoo to showcase their passion for their beloved team.minimalist cardinal tattoo on forehand

Therefore, one of the more common cardinal tattoo meaning explanations simply boils down to the fact that the cardinal is a bird associated with two very successful sports teams in the USA.

Cardinal Tattoos Symbolize Love 

Cardinals are birds that represent love and devotion.

Unlike other species of bird, cardinals mate for life.abstract cardinal tattoo on chest

Therefore, cardinal tattoos are often considered to be romantic and a great gesture of love and devotion.

One of the most common cardinal tattoo meaning explanations is simply that the tattoo can be a romantic symbol to show a partner how special they are to you, how much they mean to you, and how you want to spend the rest of your lives together.

Cardinals mate for life, and a cardinal tattoo is a great way to show your partner that you are committed to them and devoted to them.
minimalist tiny cardinal tattoo on ankle

Like the cardinal, you’ve chosen your mate and you want to mate for life.

A Symbol of Good Luck

Cardinals are considered to be good luck charms in many cultures around the globe.

If you see a cardinal in the wild, for example, some cultures believe that this is a good omen and that the bird is a good luck charm.
flying cardinal tattoo on neck back side

The bird has a vibrant amber and red color, and it is its bright plumage that is considered by some to symbolize good luck, vitality, and good fortune.

Therefore, people who perhaps feel as if they could use a little more luck in their lives, may choose to have a cardinal tattoo design tattooed somewhere upon their body, in a bid to bring good fortune into their lives.

Cardinal Tattoos Can Symbolize a Celebration of Life

While some people choose to have cardinal tattoos as a way of remembering a loved one, others choose them as a way of celebrating life and all things good and happy.cardinal tattoo black and white

Again, it’s the deep and colorful red and orange of the bird that many associate with celebrating the life of a lost loved one.

It serves as a reminder of all the happy times you enjoyed together and shows that they are always watching over you.


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