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Scarab Beetle Tattoo: Meaning

The scarab beetle tattoo is becoming increasingly popular for tat enthusiasts worldwide. But is it just for the distinctive look of these six-legged creatures? Or is there a deeper symbolic meaning behind why more and more people are getting scarab beetles inked onto their skin? In this article, we’ll take a look at the scarab beetle, its history, its relationship with Ancient Egypt, and why you might get one

Scarab beetles were revered in several ancient cultures, most notably in Ancient Egypt.

Several millennia on and millions of people are still fascinated by these distinctive-looking insects and the role they play in our natural environment.

But why would someone go so far as to get a scarab beetle tattoo on their body? Let’s take a closer look.

First up. What Does a Scarab Beetle Tattoo Look Like?

Typically, a scarab beetle tattoo will be rendered as a lifelike depiction of a scarab beetle, meaning that it will have six legs, a stout, shell-like insect body, and antennae.egyptian scarab beetle tattoo

It is very common to see scarab beetle tattoos with their wings extended and with the beetle itself holding the sun in between their feet.

This has a particular historical association, which we’ll take a look at in the next section.


Scarab beetles exist throughout the world, in every continent except Antarctica.

There are many different varieties of scarab beetle, and they are known for their quirky behavior, which includes rolling balls of dung as a means of food (which is why it is sometimes called ‘the dung beetle’).blue beetle scarab tattoo

They are also considered scientifically important due to their role in ecosystems, including the role they play in decomposition.

The scarab beetle has a strong relationship with Ancient Egyptian history, culture, and mythology.

In Ancient Egypt, the god Khepri – responsible for bringing the sun each morning – was depicted as having the head of a scarab beetle.

This is why many scarab beetle tattoos are depicted with the beetle holding the sun, as if bringing it to rise.scarab beetle tattoo color

It was very common for people to wear and trade Scarab Beetle amulets in Ancient Egypt.

These amulets were supposed to symbolize rebirth, growth, and manifestation.

What Does a Scarab Beetle Tattoo Mean?

From what has already been highlighted above, we can already see some possible symbolic meanings behind the scarab beetle tattoo.

Let’s look at some of them a little more closely:simple scarab beetle tattoo

These tattoos can be about regeneration

Due to the mythological role that scarab beetles played in making the sunrise, this small beetle has already had an oversized association with the idea of renewal, regeneration, and transformation.

Just as the sun rises each morning – no matter what happened the day before – so too will the scarab beetle also be associated with the idea of turning over another leaf and starting again.geometric scarab beetle tattoo on neck

They can represent the afterlife

Scarab beetles literally eat their way out of the dung, meaning that the Ancient Egyptians associated them with birth and death (this is connected with the idea of renewal).

In fact, evidence suggests that Scarab beetle amulets were often placed in tombs to ensure the deceased’s safe passage into the afterlife.scarab beetle chest tattoo

They can symbolize a person’s fascination with Ancient Egypt and Egyptology

It’s quite common for tattoo enthusiasts to latch onto a particular theme and keep getting ink associated with that theme. Egyptology – with its coded symbols, elaborate history, and striking imagery – is a big one for many tattoo fans. (Tattooing itself was a big practice in Ancient Eypgt).

Often, if a person gets a Sphinx tattoo, a tattoo of ancient hieroglyphics, or a tattoo of a Pharoah – chances are that they’ll be inclined to get a scarab beetle tattoo in the future!scarab beetle tattoo female

Where is the Best Place on My Body to Get This Type of Tattoo?

Scarab beetle tattoos are quite versatile in terms of where they can be inked onto your body.

A small beetle tattoo wouldn’t look out of place on, say, your wrist or the top of your hand. But equally, a scarab beetle tattoo would look very striking on a person’s back or across their upper arm or leg.

Some of the most creative tattooists out there have been known to play around with the tattoo idea, creating mind-bending designs that move and shift when the tattoo recipient does….scarab beetle tattoo traditional

Celebrities and Popular Culture

Several public figures have showcased their scarab beetle tattoos over the last few years.

Among the most prominent is Lena Headey, who played Cersei on HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Lena Headey scarab beeetle tattoo on her right hand

Lena Headey attends the 2023 White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner at Washington Hilton on April 29, 2023 in Washington – @Getty

Lena showcased her Scarab Beetle tattoo back in 2019, alongside thattion which read “@_dr_woo_ You master. Already in the next realm with my scarab.

Well-known celebrity tattooist Docta Woo inked the tattoo.

The Scarab Beetle imagery is sometimes associated with The Mummy film franchise, where the scarabs were depicted as large, carnivorous insects that devoured human flesh.

From these films alone, the scarab beetle took on a horror-villain aspect among many film fans. However, in reality, the scarab beetle is harmless to humans and was worshipped by Ancient Egyptians rather than being feared by them.scarab beetle egyptian tattoo


For many, scarab beetle tattoos are intrinsically related to the deep, mythological history of this insect in Ancient Egyptian culture.

Just as the scarab beetle was revered by those who lived thousands of years ago on a very different continent – so too do certain tattoo enthusiasts revere the scarab in the modern day.

In terms of their actual meaning, scarab beetles touch on themes of renewal, rebirth, growth, transformation, and regeneration – all of which most people experience at some point in their lives.

Therefore, the tattoo can either be an outward symbol of a shift that someone has undergone – or it can be about something deeply personal to themselves, which only they would understand.geometric scarab beetle tattoo


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