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Scissors Tattoo: Meaning

Scissors tattoo meaning: why would you get a pair of scissors in a tattoo?


For years, we have used tattoos as a means of showing off our own choices and preferences in life.

We see the tattoo as an excellent way to provide a personal message and to show the world that we are indeed our person.

These kinds of messages are fundamental, and it is a reason why tattoos are so important.

We see tattoos as a means of making clear who we are – how we think, feel, and act. Therefore, if you are considering getting a tattoo, you might get a pair of scissors.


There are many reasons, but one is what a pair of scissors can represent.

If you are looking for the most commonly accepted scissors tattoo meaning, you will find some intriguing opinions.

If you want to find out the most typical meanings of a scissors tattoo, read on as we will break them down.

Scissors Tattoo – Meanings

Moving on from a tough period in lifeScissors Tattoo

One of the main reasons you might choose to go down the route of a scissors tattoo is when you make a major life change.

Let us say that you have escaped a toxic relationship and marriage.

You have cut ties with that person – and as such, it can feel pretty sensible to use a scissors tattoo to represent that.

If you have had to cut ties with someone in your life, it can be a valuable way to show the world that you have moved on.

Many choose to go down the route of using scissors for this kind of specific message because it goes a long way to ensure you have truly moved on.Scissors Tattoo on hands

When we leave a tough or toxic relationship, we can feel like we have made a big change.

It takes a lot of willpower to move on and leave, and it should be something you celebrate as a positive step in your life.

For that reason, many individuals choose their scissors tattoo to cut ties with an unhappy period in their life.

The start of a new experience in life

Scissors Tattoos


When we think of moving on in life, we often think about having a ‘clean break’ – and what better way to represent that than the very object that you would use to cut with?

You might find that you are someone who has come through a difficult life to get to where you are today.

This means starting afresh and creating a new experience entirely.

You might have cut out a bad habit or a literal part of your body – this can be a way to represent that in a way that feels like an emotionally powerful artistic expression.

Scissors can often represent a clean and clear break because when we cut something with scissors, it leaves a clean, well-cut edge.

As such, tattoo enthusiasts choose their scissors tattoo meaning to be about starting something new and taking a clean break from a previous situation – good or bad.

You use scissors in your lifeScissors Tattoo on hand

Of course, one far more understandable scissors tattoo meaning is that you are simply someone who uses them on a regular basis.

Your passion and your profession could be hairdressing.

If you are a barber or a hairdresser, then it is natural that you might want to point out that you are using scissors often.

Scissors are the most common representation of someone who handles hair for a living; therefore, tattooing a pair of scissors on you can be a good way to show that skill off.Scissors Tattoo on chest

Occasionally, we like to find ways to show the world who we are and what we do.

You might even choose scissors to represent your job if you work in interior design.

Scissors are also seen as a symbol of precision; as such, many choose them as their ideal representation of accuracy.

If you are someone who is very attentive to detail and precision, then the presence of a pair of scissors as part of your tattoo design can look very striking indeed.

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The importance of cautionScissors Tattoo on shoulder

Another common scissors tattoo meaning is looking back on a time when you were hurt.

Think of scissors as quite dangerous items: were you ever told as a child not to run with scissors?

If so, you will know that scissors are sharp, dangerous, and can leave grievous wounds.

They represent the perfect analogy of something useful that can also be used to hurt us quite seriously.

You might use the scissors tattoo meaning as an abstract of something that has hurt you in the past, and your scissors tattoo is a reminder that you should be more cautious in the future.

These are important things to keep in mind, and it tends to go a long way to make sure you can enjoy a more gratifying experience overall from your tattoo.

Caution is not something that we want to represent on ourselves, but if we have gone through a tough time in life, it can be a recall of what we have come through to get to where we are today.

Thus, a scissors tattoo can hold significant meaning if you use it as a representation of caution.

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With so much to think about, you might find that your scissors tattoo’s meaning can be hard to understand.

At least, at first, it can feel like a confusing choice of tattoo.

As you think about your personality, your profession, and your life journey so far, though, scissors can become a very interesting choice of expression.

When used in the right way, then, a scissors tattoo can have a very deep meaning.

It might simply be that you cut hair for a living, or it could be a more abstract choice, such as representing cutting out toxicity and negativity in your life.

Either way, there is a meaning behind a scissors tattoo that can be pretty powerful and deep.

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