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Skull And Rose Tattoo: Meaning

The skull and rose tattoo simply put life and death together in a true unification of death and life with the beauty of the rose and the love of life, as they both simply represent a more complicated picture of what life is. The skulls (death, and the death of the old you will die) and the roses (life (birth) and the birth of the new you.

Whenever I stumble upon a person with a tattoo of a skull and rose, it stirs a lot of emotions and thoughts within me.

Every skull and rose tattoo (and equally other tattoos) comes with a story, a story of something based upon history or personal legend, and as such, makes the perfect tribute to a lost loved one or to the bringer of life and breath of personality.

Skull And Rose Tattoo – Meanings:

It is about life and death

A skull and a rose are two opposite materials: death and mortality are symbolized by the skull, then life, love and beauty are symbolized by the rose.

This contrast is quite a visual statement to show that life and death are connected which is something that I have always been fascinated by.

Skull And Rose Tattoo Meanings

Theo Kimbaloula, fashion blogger, on May 13, 2017 in Paris, France – @Getty

Every time I see the tattoo, it reminds me of that line we have to walk, juggling between the tiny little time we are allowed to exist and the pain that is the end to that time is our death.

This design has personally touched and impacted those who chose it, so I have seen it work.

Without argument, we live in a culture that stretches life to the most extended limits possible and as a result, we vehemently resist facing the truth regarding the temporariness of it all — a point of reference for understanding the value of life because it is finite.

The rose means how that person’s life has been full of love and beauty, while the skull means that the person is no more.

Skull and rose tattoos mean more to me than just an image.rose and skull tattoo meaning

They are life stories.

Though they are part of my own story, a memoir written in blood and words for all to see, I understand that I belong with life to living and death to dying.

Instead, the tattoo is the amulet, the valued object that reminds you that love was there, at the most complete of stops, death.

The image the skull and the rose tattoo hold is greater than a simple image, for that is it to me.

They are life stories.

They always are, part of my story, but my memoir and available for all to see that I belong with life to living and death to dying.

To remember beauty is to be reminded that beauty and death, together, co-exist, and in the honoring of both, is where one can derive great ease and strength, as well-being.

skull snake and rose tattoo meaning

A woman in Santa Fe, New Mexico, has a tattoo depicting a human skull and roses – @Getty

It is about the cultural roots

Art and ritual want skulls to be a sign of death and an invocation to the spirit of the dead.

Perhaps the best example of a holiday celebrating these souls is the Mexican Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos), in which participants paint themselves as calaveras, decorated skulls, in order to communicate with cross-worldly bridges to spirits of the dead.meaning of skull and rose tattoo

Roses are the symbols of beauty, love and passion, maybe since the beginning of time. Roses, as per Greek mythology, are associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love; hence, a clash between beauty and lust.

In the Renaissance and beyond, the literary and visual trope of the rose proliferated, as many artists and poets turned to the rose to explore the subjects of love, charm, and the evanescence of life.

Artists and designers have been influenced by skull and rose symbolism and skull and rose art in artwork over many periods of history.wolf skull and rose tattoo meaning

All this is why artists and poets have been utilizing these symbols for thousands of years to plumb the depths of humankind’s — and, indeed, their own — most profound and most primal thoughts on life and death.

One of the most iconic examples of floral aesthetic in modern tattoo culture is the “skull and rose” tattoo, seen on numerous biker, goth and subcultures alike.

To a biker, the skull is a metaphor for facing up to death as a fact of life, not a clear and present danger, and that death goes with the territory — if you want to ride, be prepared to meet graphic visions of motorcycle culture.what is the meaning of a skull and rose tattoo

To goths, it is, of course, doubly meaningful since it is a combination that symbolizes beautifully and equally life and death, a perfect image for them, representing the unity all must harbor and respect for the morbid beauty of the inevitable.

It is about metamorphosis

The people who get this tattoo are usually at a pivotal moment in their lives or have experienced a life-changing type of struggle.

The change for me is what the skull and rose tats represent.meaning of rose and skull tattoo

It represents recovering from a lifetime of addiction.

Getting your tattoo of a skull and rose will be a transformational act in itself. It is the day for many when that journey through the dark finally ends, and so also the day when it comes and lightens everything up.

As such, the skull and rose tattoo has long been a powerful visual and symbolic symbol reflecting the core of what it is to be human and share the fundamental belief that suffering can be overcome and beauty always attained, even in the darkest of depths, and as the most pernicious of life’s sufferings.skull and rose tattoo meaning for guys


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