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Squirrel Tattoo – Meanings and Symbolism

What is the meaning of the Squirrel tattoo?


When it comes to getting a tattoo, we have a great many choices to go through and to consider.

Tattoos tend to be something with immense personal meaning, and for that reason, we often choose something that relates to our personality, our story in life, or our general outlook on the world.

For some, this can mean choosing an animal that they feel is relevant to their personality.

Take the squirrel, for example.

Squirrel tattoos are increasingly common, but why?

What is the generally accepted squirrel tattoo meaning?

Like most tattoos, the meanings can be more personal or quite general.

Some people choose a squirrel because they think it looks cool; others choose it because they feel like a squirrel is a natural representation of who they are as people.

With that in mind, why would you choose to go down the route of a squirrel tattoo?

Let’s take a look at some of the most common squirrel tattoo meanings.

Squirrel tattoo meaning: Why would you get a squirrel? What does it mean?

What is the meaning of the Squirrel tattoo

The freedom to explore

Are you someone who likes to get out and see the world?

Then your squirrel tattoo meaning is likely to do with your desire to go and explore.

The squirrel is seen as an animal with a free spirit and a desire to simply get out there and see the world around them.

They are happy to go outside of their comfort zone and explore new areas, often hoping to find something of value.

For that reason, many people who choose the squirrel as their animal tattoo will be like-minded in that regard.

They will like to get out and see the world, to do more, to simply feel like they are more adventurous than others.

You might be someone who likes to travel or someone who does not like to settle down.

Either way, it would be fair to say that a squirrel would be a good representation of you!

This is one of the most obvious squirrel tattoo meanings, but there are many.

Just as squirrels themselves can be uniquely diverse, so too can their purpose and their general behaviors.Squirrel Tattoo – Meanings and Symbolism

A symbol of fertility

Another reason why people go down the route of getting a squirrel tattoo is they are commonly associated with fertility.


You only need to look into data about squirrel populations.

Few animal species can procreate in the way that a squirrel can.

They are animals that tend to see their populations balloon in size without much effort.

For that reason, they are often regarded as one of the best examples of fertility.

If you are someone who is trying to get pregnant or have a child with your partner, the squirrel tattoo might feel like some kind of good luck object of sorts.

This is a common reason why people choose to get a squirrel tattooed on themselves – they want to try and raise their chances of having a child.

Their natural association with fertility simply comes from the fact that the squirrel is such a fertile species.

They can survive challenging population concerns when the summer and spring hit, especially helping to vastly expand the number of squirrels that you will find hanging around the place.

So, for those who are looking to help increase their chances of having kids, the squirrel is an obvious choice.

What Does Squirrel Tattoo Mean

An animal of creativity

If you are someone who believes that they are quite creative, then the squirrel is a natural companion for you.

Squirrels are almost uniquely creative and are always capable of finding a place to live or survive in the most remote and challenging of locations.

They are inventive with how they live, how they eat, and how they survive.

If you feel like you have similar creativity, then the squirrel is a natural tattoo choice.

Squirrels are highly enjoyable animals to watch in action because they do manage to find creativity where others would not.

This makes them great to see at work and can ensure they are one of the most enjoyable animals to simply watch problem-solve.

Like many woodland animals, they are used to their environment changing all the time and thus always need to be ready to move on and adapt accordingly.

This is a big reason why the squirrel is such a common choice of animal for a tattoo.

If you believe that you are also quite a creative person, then having this friendly little animal tattooed on you could feel like a natural fit.

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What Does Squirrel Tattoo MeanInner joy and happiness

Watch a squirrel at work, and you will see an animal that is exceptionally content with the world around them.

Few woodland animals can find it so easy to adjust and adapt to the challenges of the week, quite like a squirrel.

They are creative, inventive, and can make the most of very little.

For that reason, many of us see the squirrel as a natural animal that we can identify with and enjoy spending time around.

Squirrels are quite unique in that they can be 100% content and happy just roaming around and foraging.

If you are someone who enjoys the simple things in life, such as a walk through the woods, then it is easy to see why the squirrel might feel like a natural ally for you.

These little woodland animals bring a unique joy and reverie to their day, even when they are simply doing the same things they always do.

In the animal kingdom, that kind of satisfaction is rare.

If you feel like you are the kind of person who finds it easy to feel happy and content, then a squirrel can feel like a pretty natural friend overall.Squirrel Tattoos Symbolism, Meanings

A symbol of playfulness

Despite their hardworking nature, squirrels, with their fluffy tails, are also playful rodents.

They chase each other, leap from tree to tree, and seem to find joy in their daily activities.

A squirrel tattoo can be viewed as a recall to infuse our lives with playfulness and joy, even amidst our responsibilities.meaning of the Squirrel tattoo

The balance of life

Observing a squirrel in its natural habitat reveals an animal expertly navigating narrow branches with agility and balance.

In the same way, a squirrel tattoo could represent the balance we seek in our lives. In Native American culture, this trait is seen by many as necessary to embody into day-to-day life.

Whether it’s balancing work and play, or personal life and career, the squirrel encourages us to maintain equilibrium.White squirrel tattoo

White squirrel tattoo

Unlike their commonly brown or gray counterparts, white squirrels are a rare sight, adding an aura of mystique to their existence.

Their scarcity is due to a genetic mutation that results in albinism, producing their unique white coat. They are probably the cutest forms of rodents.

Across many cultures, the color white represents purity, innocence, positive emotions, good fortune, healing powers, and peace. So, a white squirrel tattoo can symbolize a person’s desire for peace or their journey to purity and innocence in aspects of their lives.Black squirrel tattoo

Black squirrel tattoo

Having a black squirrel tattoo signifies that you value your individuality and are not afraid to stand out from the crowd, especially according to Nordic mythology as well as Celtic mythology. It is a celebration of being different.

The black squirrel is also a symbol of change. Squirrels are creatures that prepare for the changing seasons by gathering food and creating nests. A black squirrel tattoo could represent one’s readiness for change and the ability to plan and prepare for future events.

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Squirrel Tattoo – MeaningsFinal thoughts about the meaning tattoo of a squirrel – symbolic meaning and squirrel symbolism

The squirrel tattoo’s meaning is quite diverse and can mean different things, but it is often attributed as a personification of the personality of a squirrel.

Spend time around one of these little animals, and you can find a creature that is very satisfied with itself.

Therefore, if you feel like you match up with those attributes, the squirrel makes sense as a tattoo.

Take a look for yourself, and you can see why so many people choose to go down the route of squirrel tattoos — to ink animal tattoos.

The generally accepted squirrel tattoo meanings are above. These can give you an idea of why someone might choose this kind of tattoo for themselves.

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