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Strawberry Tattoo: meaning

What is the meaning of a strawberry tattoo?


If you believe tattoos should hold personal significance, you might find it hard to settle on an accepted tattoo.

Many of us look to choose images that we associate our personality with.

For example, if you love music, you might choose the instrument you most commonly play.

If you love a particular brand of goods, you might choose their logo as your tattoo.

For some, though, the choices can be more abstract – for example, have you ever thought about food as a tattoo?

Many of us like to be inspired by nature when it comes to tattoo choices.

Fruit, especially.

With that in mind, the strawberry is a common choice of tattoo.

Why, though?

What is the strawberry tattoo meaning?

Like most tattoos, meanings can become deeply personal.

It can be down to a nickname or a personal in-joke. It can also come down to representing our personalities and lifestyles.

The strawberry tattoo meaning: what are the most accepted reasons?

A sign of love and passion

Strawberry Tattoo meaning

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Do you see yourself as a bit of a lover, a lothario?

If so, the strawberry could be the perfect choice for you.

Strawberries are very commonly represented with love, passion, and even lust.

Strawberries are often associated with passion, and what better representation than a juicy, enjoyable, all-red piece of fruit?

The brightness and freshness of the fruit can be a big reason why you might choose to go down the route of getting a strawberry tattooed on your body.

If you see yourself as someone who has a love for others and who is a natural romantic, then you might find that having the strawberry adorned on your body makes quite a lot of sense.

Few fruits invoke ideas of passion quite like the strawberry does.

A sign of inner sweetness

Do you often get informed that you are a sweet, kind-hearted person?

Then you might find the strawberry has personal meaning.

The strawberry is a naturally sweet fruit, and for many, it can be referred to as being ‘sweet, like a strawberry’ — this might be the most commonly accepted strawberry tattoo meaning outside of the above.

If you go through life always trying to impart positivity and goodwill to others, then you will find that a strawberry is a good representation of who you are.

When used in the right context, a strawberry tattoo is an easy way to show the rest of the world that you are a kind-hearted soul.

The tattoos we bear on our skin should mark who we are as people.

Those with inner sweetness and kindness can find a friend in a strawberry tattoo.

A sign of inner vibrancy

Strawberry Tattoos


Another common reason to go down the strawberry tattoo route is their connection to vibrancy.

We associate strawberries with good weather, summer, and happiness.

If you are the kind of person who can walk into a room and light up the entire event, then you might find that the strawberry represents you.

You can find that strawberries are often a symbol of vigor and energy.

They are seen as symbols that point to you being someone who has infectious energy and empathy for others.

If you are regularly told that you are someone who lights up the room or you are seen as good company, the strawberry fits.

These are positive, upbeat fruits that we often associate with summertime and days out.

For that reason, a common strawberry tattoo meaning is simply a representation of the goodwill and optimism you bring to every day.

A symbol of good luck

In many ancient cultures, the strawberry is also seen as a symbol of optimism and good luck.

When used as a tattoo, some believe that a strawberry can be a perpetual sign of good luck and positive tidings in your life.

Across many ancient cultures, but especially across North America, strawberries are a symbol of positivity.

They represent wealth, prosperity, and plentifulness — in love, in spirit, and in material gains.

For that reason, they make an excellent tattoo for the fortuitous among us.

Indeed, the strawberry can also be a sign of fertility and emotional wealth.

Many couples trying to have a baby will, through superstition, spend some time in a local strawberry field.

This fruit is a symbol of optimism and goodwill, and for that reason, it is connected with the ability to conceive a child and birth new life into this world.

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A sign of youth and good health

No matter what age you are, you can still feel a decade — or decades — younger in mind.

Strawberries are seen as a sign of youthfulness and vigor, as well as good health.

Therefore, if you carry the mantra that it is not how old you are but how old you feel, then the strawberry makes a very suitable tattoo indeed.

A strawberry is associated with harmony and good health and with the spring and summertime.

We associate our best memories and happiest, most youthful days with the summertime.

As such, it is common to see people who like to live on the bright side of life to have a strawberry tattoo.

Even when we come through tough times in life, the strawberry can represent the sweetness of life even after the bitterness and pain of disappointment.

This rather abstract view can be one of many reasons why the strawberry tattoo is an increasingly common choice in tattoo parlors worldwide.

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In Conclusion

There are many different strawberry tattoo meanings, but the above are among the most common and accepted.

This can give you a good understanding of why people wear such a tattoo on their skin.

Being able to point to inner positivity and optimism is a great feeling.

With the strawberry, you would choose one of the most commonly accepted signs of optimism, youth, and sweetness.

From the eternal romantic to the optimist, the strawberry tattoo has a connection to who you are.

If you feel like you represent the best our world has to offer, a strawberry tattoo would be very fitting.

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