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Wasp Tattoo – Meanings and Symbolism

What is the meaning of a wasp tattoo?


Without a doubt, wasps are highly polarising parts of nature.

Wasps are seen as violent, antagonistic beings that can make our lives harder.

Some refer to them as ‘evil bees’ and the like because while they share many similarities with the bee, they are not alike in many of their personality traits.

For some, though, the wasp represents spikiness, a desire to survive, and a willingness to do what is needed to come out on top.

That is why you might find that getting a wasp incorporated into a tattoo is not as strange as it might first seem.

Wasps are commonly used as part of a tattoo, and the reasons why can be quite diverse and specific.

There are many different choices for a wasp tattoo, but if you are not sure why you would go down this route, then read on.

Who knows?

You might find that the wasp is actually a pretty good fit for your tattoo desires!Wasp Tattoo behind eat

Wasp tattoo meaning: what are the main implications?

Assertion and protection

While we usually see wasps as insects that strike out and are violent, they are seen in many cultures as simply being assertive.

They find their space in this world, and they do everything they can to protect themselves regardless of the threat they face.

That is why many choose to go for a wasp tattoo.

They feel like this kind of iron will and determination represents who they are, which can feel pretty great.

At the same time, though, wasps are also very protective of their colonies and their groups.Wasp Tattoo on shouder

If you are someone who would go to war to protect your own, then the wasp can be a pretty good tattoo choice for you.

They have no problem attacking and lashing out if they think it will protect themselves and the ones they love; this is also a pretty common trait in humans!

If you feel like you are a protective and assertive person, then a wasp tattoo can be a better choice for you than you would first assume.

They might be controversial, but they are a good choice for this very reason.

Honoring lost spiritsWasp Tattoo on stomach

An interesting and more optimistic view of the wasp is that instead of being aggressive beings, they are messengers of the spirit world.

Across some Native American cultures, the wasp is revered because it is seen as a messenger from the spirit world.

They are believed to hold high spiritual connectivity, and this is why some see them as a messenger that brings us positive messages.

If you are someone who has a connection to the spiritual world and you feel this kind of thing matters, look closely at wasps for a tattoo choice.

They can be a pretty good way to make a point of showing your connection to spirituality.

This can also be a simple way to give people a message that wasps are far more unique than most assume; however, to many, they are simply aggressive insects that sting.

Wealth, positive energy, and new beginningsWasp Tattoo on legg

Again, this might seem at odds with what you know about wasps.

But across Asia, it is common to find the wasp regarded as a being of positivity, prosperity, and fortune.

There are many reasons for this, but most of the time, the wasp is seen as an insect that can flock to areas of the world where good things happen.

Follow a wasp for long enough, and it might bring you to something fortuitous.

Across many parts of Asian culture, the wasp is seen as something to be admired as opposed to something that you should fear.Wasp Tattoo on shouder of a man

A commonly accepted wasp tattoo meaning is that they are a way to bring that positive energy into your own life.

If you always have a wasp on you in tattoo form, then you can always follow it, and hopefully, you will find good things at the end of the journey you are embarking on.

That is a very important message to take into account, and it can go a very long way to making sure you see wasps in a more optimistic light.

Instead of seeing the wasp as a potential enemy or a threat, many see them as something far more upbeat and positive.

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Hard work through distressWasp Tattoo on hand

While we often see wasps as invaders and aggressors, they are in many ways as hard-working as the more beloved bee.

Wasps are one of the hardest-working insects that we know of, and their ability to get things done is legendary.

As such, it is common to look at the wasp as a symbol of positivity and hard work through challenge and adversity.

If you are someone who knows they work hard and comes through challenging situations every day, then the wasp is a wonderful choice of tattoo.

They are a representation of someone who has been through a tough time but is willing to fight through regardless of the risk.

These are common human attributes that we like to see represented in ourselves.

That is why, for many, the wasp is a highly encouraging tattoo choice.

If you are someone who wants to be reminded of the importance of working hard and being industrious, then a wasp tattoo is a pretty excellent choice overall.

They are tremendous tattoos for anyone who wants to inspire themselves to work even harder – simply look to your wasp tattoo for inspiration to work harder.

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Overcoming fearWasp Tattoo on stomach of a woman

Wasps are usually feared due to their sting.

A wasp tattoo, then, can symbolize overcoming fear.

It’s a bold statement; an embodiment of the principle that what we fear, we can also come to understand, respect, and even embrace.

It’s about confronting discomfort, challenging perceptions, and finding beauty in the unexpected.

TakeawayWasp Tattoo on shouder of a woman

As you can see, the wasp tattoo meanings out there are multifaceted and unique. It has a variety of meanings (and tattoo designs) in different cultures.

Most of the time, it comes down to how that wasp is viewed, as well as about the wasp symbolism or around the wasp nest, wasp sting, and the venom of wasps.

Across Asian cultures, they have been seen as far more positive insects than they are in other parts of the world.

In Europe, they are seen as hard-working (for a good reason) and challenging little insects who are never shy of going the extra mile. They are viewed as good luck, positive changes in the near future, good intuition, and good omen. Definitely, not bad luck (bad sign) in your personal life and professional life.

Note – dead wasps are viewed as a sign of a possible feud, negative energy, as well as the seeds of rumors in Native American tribes and African cultures.

Whether you see yourself in the protective aggression of the wasp or that simple desire to work hard, you can find that a wasp tattoo suits your personality.

Now that you know the typically accepted options for a wasp tattoo meaning, where do you see this fitting in?

Tip – your middle finger on the left hand is one of the best body parts for a wasp tattoo with bright colors.

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