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Editorial & Disclosure Policy

Tattoo Worx aims to provide neutral, accurate, high-quality information pertaining to tattoo symbolism, tattoo meanings, and information relating to tattoo art and pop culture.

It is our goal to provide this in a way that is transparent, ethically responsible, and aligns with our commitment to integrity, full disclosure, and accuracy.

In the following sections, Tattoo Worx outlines our practices and approaches surrounding editorial and disclosure policy, including ways in which Tattoo Worx may receive compensation for its content on

Editorial Processes

Tattoo Worx prioritizes:

  • Finding accurate information relating to the meaning of tattoos and symbolism as it relates to tattoos in ancient and modern culture; and
  • Gathering accurate information about tattoos; and
  • Providing accurate information about celebrities and specifically celebrity tattoos; and
  • Answering reader comments and queries as they relate to tattoo meanings and tattoo symbolism; and
  • Creating other content relating to the tattoo industry and the impact of tattoo symbolism.

Tattoo Worx uses the services of a team of professional writers, who deliver a comprehensive service of researching, fact-checking, writing, and editing content related to tattoo art and symbolism.

Tattoo Worx provides style guidelines to its writers to ensure consistency in its content.

Tattoo Worx: Editorial Code of Ethics


Tattoo Worx provides content that adheres to a commitment to accuracy, neutrality, and quality. We do not allow our writing team to use misleading or ‘clickbait’ headers in our content.

Tattoo Worx reviews its content on an annual basis and updated it as necessary.


As a platform that values transparency, fairness, and accuracy, Tattoo Worx writers pledge neutrality and impartiality in the content created on this site’s behalf. We do not attempt to influence or misdirect in favor of a specific idea, belief, or person.


Tattoo Worx does not permit the use of plagiarized writing, nor does it attempt to misrepresent content belonging to other writers as original. Quotes and snippets from third parties are marked in quotation marks and/or italics, with hyperlink markup linking directly to any external sources.

External sources are verified for validity.

Tattoo Worx is proud of the content created within its website, but accepts that errors are a part of the learning process. Where we are made aware of such errors, we will do our best to address / remedy these as necessary.


Tattoo Worx assures its readers that to all reasonable levels, this website provides verifiable and easy-to-track data sources. Where possible and relevant, articles provide clearly marked hyperlink text to support the information provided.

It also assures that a list of accurate and current references are provided to support further discovery by its readers.