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It all started with a little love heart tattoo when I was 16 years old.

My name is Bulgarea Anca, and this is where my fascination with the world of tattoos was born.

As a teenager, my parents gave me permission to get my very first tattoo—a simple heart.

I still remember the feelings—the excitement of getting a tattoo. I remember the thrill of anticipation—would it hurt? Would it be perfect?—and the newness of being in a tattoo studio.

Even my tattoo artist was a source of wonder to me.

All of it took my breath away, but more important than what was going on around me was what was going on inside: this tattoo had so much meaning to 16-year-old me.

One tattoo wasn’t enough, and over the years that followed came several more tattoos—each with a story of its own.

Woven in with this journey of adorning my skin was a spiritual journey.

Over the years that followed that first tattoo, my interest in spirituality grew, and my wonder for other cultures—both those closest to me and those from the other side of the world. What fascinated me most was the story behind the art of tattooing.

Every flourish, every line, every curve and icon and symbol has a meaning in the world of tattoos. And every combination of these flourishes and lines and symbols has the potential to breathe new vitality into the life of its wearer.

Uncovering the symbolism behind tattoos has steadily grown into my greatest obsession—one that I decided to share in early 2023 through Tattoo Worx.

From revealing culturally significant body art to ogling celebrities’ latest ink, my goal is to provide a resource for anyone who has ever asked: What does that tattoo mean?

If that’s you, welcome to Tattoo Worx—I hope you find the answers you’re looking for! (And if not, drop me a line—I’m always open to new questions from my readers).

Thanks for joining me on this journey,