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Dead Rose Tattoo: Meaning

What is the meaning of a dead rose tattoo?

Roses are the ultimate symbol of love and affection.

They’re stunning looking vibrantly colored flowers most commonly associated with Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and romance in general.

They’re also very popular tattoo subjects as well.

Rose tattoos are hugely popular, so much so in fact, that they’re almost becoming a cliché because so many people have them.

Because of this, tattoo lovers looking for ways of adorning their bodies with inked images of roses are now thinking outside of the box when looking for inspiration for their next tattoo.

The result is a dead rose tattoo, and they look fantastic.

Dead rose tattoos not only look great, but they’re also very symbolic, even spiritual, and they can be interpreted to have many different meanings.

But what exactly is the dead rose tattoo meaning?

Here are some possible meanings and the reasoning behind them.

Dead Rose Tattoo – Meanings:

A Symbol of Rebellion A dying rose tattoo is a reminder of life's fleeting

As mentioned, rose tattoos are hugely popular, and have been for many decades now.

Whereas in the past, they may have been associated with the music industry, i.e., Guns N’ Roses, in modern society, they’re also seen by a lot of people.

In particular, fairly young individuals tend to have rose tattoos, with images such as faded clocks, lions, and skulls, with a bright red vibrant rose included.

This can look great if done right, but some people believe that they’re too common and are too cliché.

For people with a rebellious side, who don’t like to conform to society’s standards and follow trends, a dead rose tattoo is a great option.

A possible dead rose tattoo meaning could be that the person with the tattoo has a rebellious side and does things how they want, rather than how other people want.

Feeling Trapped and IsolatedDead Rose Tattoo on shoulder

Perhaps one of the most famous roses in the entertainment biz is found in the animated Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast.

In it, a young and selfish prince incapable of love, is cursed by a sorceress and turned into a hideous beast. He can only break the spell when he learns how to truly love. The movie features an enchanted rose.

The rose symbolizes the beast’s love. If the rose wilts and dies, once it loses its last metal, the beast and the castle he lives in, will remain under the curse until the end of days.

To help preserve the rose, the beast encases it inside a glass dome to help protect it. A dead rose is symbolic of what would happen if the enchanted rose had died.

Not only that, but the rose itself is trapped within a glass dome, isolated in the West Wing of the castle.

A Transition to AdulthoodDead Rose Tattoo behind ear on neck

Another possible dead rose tattoo meaning could be somebody celebrating, or simply acknowledging, a transition to adulthood.

A lot of cultures associate roses with being young.

A dead rose therefore, could symbolize somebody metaphorically saying goodbye to their youth as they transition over to adulthood.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative aspect, it could simply serve as a reminder of their youth and their more erratic ways before they become more mature.

Not only could a dead rose tattoo meaning symbolize somebody’s transition to adulthood, it could simply represent a person’s change in character.

Whereas a rose may have represented a more immature, reckless, erratic lifestyle, i.e., partying, late nights, irresponsibility, etc., a dead rose could symbolize them saying goodbye to that negative behavior.

The Ending of a Romantic RelationshipDead Rose Tattoo on foot

As you know, a red rose is a symbol of love.

Around Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February, you literally can’t get away from red roses in some form or another, as they’re so heavily commercialized they’re everywhere.

When people want to woo a romantic suitor, or simply show their partner they love them, they’ll shower them with roses, and may possibly get a red rose tattooed upon their person. But what happens when a romantic relationship ends?

Lately we’ve seen a trend where heartbroken individuals have had dead roses tattooed upon their bodies, as a symbol of the end of a relationship.Dead Rose Tattoo on back

Following a breakup, a heartbroken individual may decide to tattoo a dead rose on their body, to serve as a metaphor for their relationship.

A bright red, vibrant, and healthy red rose would represent a healthy relationship, where a couple are happy and very much in love.

A dead rose however, would signify that the rose, like their relationship, is now dead and gone. It may sound depressing, but it can actually be a healthy sign of closure and can help people to move on with their lives.

The Death of a Loved OneDead Rose Tattoo on hand

When talking about tattoo meanings, there are many ways of interpreting the meaning behind each one.

Like art, tattoo meanings can sometimes be subjective, whereby the meaning of the tattoo in question is down for the viewer to interpret it.

Quite commonly, tattoos are used by people to honor and remember people from their lives who have passed away.

Now, most would associate a black rose tattoo with the passing of a loved one, but the great thing about tattoos is the fact that there are no rules, and you can use them to tell whatever kind of story you like.Dead Rose Tattoo on legg

Some people therefore, will adorn their bodies with a dead rose tattoo, rather than a black rose tattoo, as a way of remembering and cherishing a loved one that has sadly passed away in their lives.

While red and in full bloom, the rose representing the person being remembered in all their glory.

The dead rose, however, represents their spirit and their soul.

The rose may be dead, but it is still there in tattoo form on the body, and just like the person it represents, it will always be there in spirit.

A Reminder to Embrace LifeDead Rose Tattoo on a man chest

When talking about a dead rose tattoo meaning, we’re seeing a trend where more and more people are having these specific types of tattoo as a way of reminding themselves, and others, to embrace life and do things that make them happy.

The dead rose can represent a wide range of different things in this scenario.

The most obvious one is that it represents life. When the rose is red and vibrant it represents people in good health, full of vigor and vitality.

The dead rose is a symbol of that person’s life coming to an end. It therefore encourages us to live life to the full, and to do things that make us happy.Dead Rose Tattoo on a man hand

Some people, however, will use it as a reminder to slow down, and lead a healthier life.

They may have two tattoos, one featuring a bright red healthy rose, and one featuring a dull, lifeless, dead rose. This is essentially indicating that we have a choice.

People who are perhaps leading unhealthy lifestyles, maybe partying too much, drinking too much, using substances and eating unhealthy foods that damage their health could wind up in an early grave if they don’t change their ways.

Basically, they can choose to be healthy, bright, and full of life, or dead, either metaphorically on the inside, or literally, due to unhealthy lifestyle choices.

You’re Ready to Be Your Own PersonDead Rose Tattoo on a woman shoulder

A white rose tattoo often symbolizes purity.

It symbolizes that people do their best to be good, upstanding citizens.

That’s all well and good, but for some people, a pursuit of purity and righteousness can be damaging to themselves and others around them.

People who have a dead white rose tattoo may do so as a way of symbolizing the fact that they’re ready to be their own person.Dead Rose Tattoo on forehand

Instead of damaging their own physical and mental health, in pursuit of treating others well, they may be ready to be a bit selfish and to put their own feelings and their own happiness first for a change.

A dead white rose may symbolize the fact that a person is sick and tired of being walked all over and bending over backwards to help others, with no reward.

It’s a symbol that they’re putting their own feelings and their own happiness first for a change, and are finally ready to be the person that they want to be, rather than the person that others may want them to be.

You’ve Lost Respect for SomebodyDead Rose Tattoo on chest

Finally, as far as dead rose tattoo meanings go, sometimes the image itself doesn’t need to be taken too literally.

Rather than a dead rose tattoo meaning symbolizing somebody passing away, or a relationship ending, it could also symbolize the loss of respect for somebody you once cared about.

A dead rose, or a dying rose tattoo could represent the fact that you’ve lose respect for somebody, and therefore, they may as well be dead to you.

Whereas once upon a time the rose was healthy and colorful, as it became more and more toxic, it began to lose its petals and vibrancy, and slowly die.

The dying rose tattoo represents you losing your respect for somebody due to their toxic behavior and how they treated you.


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