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Stay Wild Tattoo: Meaning

What is the meaning of the Stay Wild tattoo?


People say that ‘every tattoo has a meaning,’ and while that might be true for a lot of people, somebody with a tattoo of Sponge Bob Square Pants wearing a pink tutu while driving a WW2 US Sherman tank might struggle to explain their reasoning for that particular tattoo.

If you happen to have that exact tattoo, please don’t take that personally, it was the most random idea for a tattoo that we could come up with on the spot.

Most, not all, but most tattoos, do have some meaning behind them.

In fact, you could argue that tattoos that have no meaning at all, actually have meaning behind them for that very reason, as it shows that not everybody wishes to conform to the norms of modern society.

One popular quote that people tend to have tattooed upon themselves, however, is ‘Stay Wild,’ which is why today, we’ll be looking at the Stay Wild tattoo meaning.

If you’re thinking of adorning your body with the quote Stay Wild, here’s a look at its significance and what makes it so popular.Stay Wild on chest of a woman

What is the actual significance of a Stay Wild tattoo?

We’re going to look at the Stay Wild tattoo meaning a little later on in this article, but first, let us look at exactly what it is that makes these tattoos so significant.

Stay Wild, or ‘Remain Wild,’ can mean whatever the person with the tattoo wants it to mean.

Most people who choose to have this particular quote tattooed upon their persons, however, are fiercely independent, are free spirits, and love to travel.Stay Wild tattoo behined ear

The quote itself is particularly significant because it appeals to a certain type of individual, with a certain type of mindset.

We’ll be looking at those specific types of individuals a little later on as well.

This particular quote is very symbolic because it was one of the most requested quotes for tattoo artists decades ago, particularly around the 1970s.

Back then, the quote was seen as a symbol of rebellion.Stay Wild tattoo on stomach

Punk rockers, sailors, skateboarders, and free spirits would often have this quote to provide a metaphorical middle finger to authority.

Lower-class individuals and criminals would also often have this quote, again as a way of displaying their disdain for authority and showing how they wouldn’t let anybody push them around and do as they say.

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Modern Stay Wild tattoo meaning explanationsStay Wild on chest of a man nice

As mentioned, back in the 1970s, Stay Wild became a very symbolic quote, yet as the years passed by, the tattoo started to take on a newer meaning.

In what we now consider modern life, Stay Wild is a quote that people often have as a reminder to stay true to themselves and to stay authentic.

Today, the tattoo is a symbol of wanderlust and is often associated with people who love to travel and explore the world on their terms.

Wanderlust, very simply, is a very strong desire to travel and see some of the world’s most beautiful sights.

Wanderlust is a phrase that is commonly associated with ‘Stay Wild.’Stay Wild tattoo on hip

The tattoo, like back in the 70s and earlier, still symbolizes a person’s desire to live freely and be unrestricted, though rather than being associated with rebellion and having somewhat aggressive and violent undertones, it is now more associated with peacefulness and fulfillment.

The ‘Stay Wild’ quote on the tattoo not only refers to the wilderness of our planet itself but also to staying wild and free emotionally as well.Stay Wild tattoo on chest white

It emphasizes how we are presented with endless opportunities to break free of the shackles of modern living and explore new opportunities and sights outside of our normal everyday lives.

As far as the Stay Wild tattoo meaning is concerned, the quote can be associated with our need to travel and see the world, or to live like a free spirit and to do things on our terms, rather than as society dictates.

‘Stay Wild’ could refer to packing your case and exploring rainforests, jungles, mountains, oceans, rivers, woodland, or deserts, or it could simply refer to having a second glass of wine on a Wednesday night or starting to watch a movie at 10 pm.

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Where do people get ‘Stay Wild’ tattoos?Stay Wild tattoo on back

Okay, so we’ve looked at the meaning of the Stay Wild tattoo, and we’ve looked at who the tattoo might be suitable for.

What we haven’t yet done, however, is look at where on the body the quote might look its best.

The great thing about having a tattoo is the fact that you’re getting it on your body, so where you have it, it is entirely down to you.

Some may have it on their arm, whereas others may have it on their left butt cheek.Stay Wild tattoo on chest white and black

At the end of the day, where you have your tattoo is entirely down to you.

When all is said and done, however, most would agree that certain tattoos look best on certain parts of the anatomy.

‘Stay Wild’ is a quote that can be tattooed as large or as small as you like, in whatever font that you like.

The tattoo is edgy, and as it is an expression of your personality, you’ll likely want to have it somewhere where it will be visible most of the time.Stay Wild tattoo on back of a woman

A couple of decades ago, people would often have the tattoo on their lower back, though that is now out of fashion.

The wrist is a popular placement for the quote, as is the forearm.

Some people choose to have the tattoo hidden away, in places where they can reveal it to those whom they want to reveal it.

Having the quote behind the ear, under the hairline, or in a more intimate part helps a person to keep their wild side hidden away, allowing them to bring it out when they want to, to whom they want to.Stay Wild on chest of a man

This helps give the Stay Wild tattoo meaning, that little bit more significance as well.

Wherever you choose to have your tattoo, just remember that ‘Stay Wild’ will serve as a recall for you to live life on your terms.

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