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Black Swan Tattoo – Meanings and Symbolism

What is the meaning of a black swan tattoo?


If you are someone who loves tattoos, then you want to try and find something that represents who you are as a person.

The best way to do that is quite simple – to have a look for a tattoo that resonates with you personally.

This means turning into something like an animal.

Take a swan for example – swans are regal, brave birds that are seen as worth protecting.

However, some individuals choose to go down the route of something a bit more unique – like a black swan.

Why, though?

And what is the meaning of a black swan tattoo?

Note – like most tattoos, there are various interpretations out there if you are happy to look for them.

There are various reasons why someone might choose a black swan as a tattoo that they feel represents who they are.

So, where should you begin? And what black swan tattoo meaning tends to be the one that resonates with who you are the most?

Black Swan Tattoo – Meanings – Black Swan Symbolism:

The existence of something you never knew

Black Swan Tattoo meanings


In history, the black swan was used as a metaphor for something that was not real.

For instance, if someone was to tell a lie, you would respond with something akin to ‘Ah, so you have a black swan as well?’ – that might sound convoluted, but this is because for years, it was assumed there was no such thing.

They sounded like a fantastical being, but we had never actually seen a black swan for a long time.

Today, though, we know for a fact that black swans are indeed a real thing.

For that reason, they are used as a tattoo to represent the fact that you have discovered something that you previously did not know was real.

For example, you could find out that you have a long-lost relative or family member who comes into your life and makes a significant impact on who you are.

This is a common reason why some will choose to go down the route of having a black swan tattoo.

They see it as a great example of showcasing discovery.

Dealing with unforeseen circumstancesBlack Swan Tattoo

Another common reason for having a black swan tattoo is the presence of things that you did not expect.

Have you recently come through some unforeseen circumstances and come out the other side stronger?

Then a black swan might be a tattoo that makes a lot of sense to you.

Black swans are seen as an example that fits perfectly into this kind of thinking.

Dealing with unforeseen circumstances will leave you often shaken and unsure of what your next move should be.

When you overcome that challenge, though, having a little visual representation of your struggle can feel like a great idea.

That is one of the main black swan tattoo meanings.

People tend to look for ways that they can represent the surprise that life throws at us every day.

This tattoo would be a pretty fair example of this kind of surprise and shock.

If you are looking for a way to really enjoy the challenge of fighting through a challenge that you did not see coming, then a black swan tattoo can feel like a pretty good representation of that fight and desire to overcome challenges you did not expect.

You have learned from hindsightBlack Swan Tattoo on shoulder

Many times in life, we will make mistakes that can adversely impact who we are as people.

We can find that we go through challenges that we did not expect, and that we now face difficulties due to those issues.

Hindsight is a powerful emotion, but it is one that is commonly associated with the black swan.

When something unforeseen takes place, and we learn from it, a black swan is a representation of that education.

That might seem strange, but some of us only learn through mistakes.

As noted above, the black swan is represented by the presence of unforeseen circumstances.

Coming through such a challenging experience could point to the fact that you have dealt with difficulties that you might not have seen coming.

When we learn from these experiences via hindsight, we can feel like we have come through an important lesson in our lives.

Over time, this can make a big impact on our personal thoughts and the kind of people that we want to be in the future.

As such, black swans are often used to represent lessons – harsh lessons – that we have had to come through in life.

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The darkness withinBlack Swan Tattoo on hand of a woman

On a more macabre note, though, a common black swan tattoo meaning is the fact that we can do things we would never normally consider to get what we want in life.

The movie Black Swan shows us a ballet dancer who goes to some pretty extreme lengths to get the parts that she wants in her career.

The black swan is seen as the antithesis of the white swan.

While a white swan is enigmatic and graceful, the black swan is often seen as cunning and even a bit aggressive.

Therefore, they are regularly used as examples of an animal that will strike when the iron is hot.

They are animals that are seen as more selfish and aggressive than their white counterparts, and thus they are an ideal tattoo for people who know that they do not mind burning bridges to get what they want in life.

UniquenessBlack Swan Tattoo on back

Black swans are rare in nature, making them a symbol of uniqueness.

Opting for a black swan tattoo can be a tribute to one’s unique identity, a statement against blending in with the crowd.

It’s a bold declaration of one’s willingness to stand out, to be different, and accept their own distinctive qualities. In spirit animal lore, the black swan can help us to use our distinct traits to navigate life.

Dream weaversBlack Swan Tattoo on chest

Swans are seen as dream weavers in Native American cultures.

They are thought to bridge the gap between the physical world and the realm of dreams.

A tattoo with this beautiful bird (and elegant bird), therefore, signifies the wearer’s connection to their dreams and aspirations, embodying their hopes and desires.

A symbol of loveBlack Swan Tattoo on neck

In the context of love, the black swan (with its black feathers) signifies the surprising arrival of a deep, passionate connection when least expected.

It’s proof for these modern times that true love often enters our lives unpredictably and in different ways, reshaping our world in profound ways. This beautiful tattoo is also a symbol of beauty as well as a symbol of transformation.

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There are numerous meanings of a black swan tattoo — that you should think about.

These are typically very good options and different types of swans tattoos for anyone who is looking to enjoy a tattoo that shows a bit of mirth and inner combat.

If you are someone who would like to find a tattoo that is an honest representation of who you are, then you should take a look at the black swan tattoo.

It might not be the most pleasant message in the world, but it is a common message to give out if you want to show the world that you do, in fact, do everything you possibly can to find success for yourself.

Note — the best body part for this symbolic tattoo is the outer collarbone.


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