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Wolf and Owl Tattoo: Meaning

What is the meaning of a wolf and owl tattoo?


When you choose to go down the route of getting a tattoo, it makes sense that you want something with an inherent personal meaning.

Many of us choose to go down the route of getting a tattoo because it relates to who we are as people.

Others choose a tattoo because it is a reflection of something they have gone through in life.

It is an interesting internal discussion to have.

Some tattoos, though, tend to have more meaning than others – even if the meaning can be initially hard to discern.

Take the wolf and owl tattoo.

This is a common choice of tattoo today, and it can be quite an interesting contrast.

Wolves and owls could not be any more different, so why would someone choose to combine both into one image?

What is the typically accepted meaning of a wolf and owl tattoo?

There are several choices out there, so let’s look at what most people accept as the common reasons for such a tattoo.Wolf and Owl Tattoo on stomach

The Wolf and Owl Tattoo – Meanings:

Relying on yourself, not others

Given that wolves and owls are both relatively independent creatures, they can make surprisingly good allies in a tattoo.

When combined in the right way, a wolf and an owl can be a representation of the fact that you are independent – that you do not look to others to solve the problems that you face in life.

This is a common choice for this kind of tattoo.Wolf and Owl Tattoo on back

If you are someone who feels like they have had to pull themselves through the challenges of life, then this is a common reason why you would choose such a tattoo.

Both animals are seen as representations of this kind of meaning – that they do not have to rely upon others to survive.

Yes, owls and wolves can be found in packs, but they are also animals that can survive without assistance.

If you feel like you are someone who has often had to fight through the challenge of life without support and assistance, then the wolf and owl tattoo meaning might be something that you can feel a connection towards.

Leaving behind the need for othersWolf and Owl Tattoo on hip

While this can be a somewhat macabre meaning of a wolf and owl tattoo, it is increasingly common.

Sadly, life can put us in some tough spots – and it can often mean feeling like we have been betrayed and let down by other people.

If you feel like this is a common affliction as a part of your life, then it is easy to see why you might go down the route of having an owl and wolf tattoo.

These animals represent independence, and thus they can be a good representation of your escape from others.Wolf and Owl Tattoo on hand

If you have had to fight to become your person and to feel comfortable in your skin, then the wolf and owl tattoo meaning that you resonate with will be one of leaving behind the need for others.

This is an important emotion to contend with because many of us can go through life feeling utterly dependent on other people.

By turning to have something like a wolf and owl tattoo, though, you can create some kind of mental separation that means you do not feel as needlessly attached to other people any longer.

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Defending yourself from the afterlifeWolf and Owl Tattoo on shoulder

In many Native American cultures, the wolf and the owl can be seen as animals involved in the afterlife.

They are typically seen as powerful spirit creatures, and they are creatures that lead us to the afterlife in many aspects.

Therefore, some of us choose to go down the route of having a wolf and owl tattoo because it can be a good warding.

If you are wearing these animals on your skin, it can feel like you are creating a ward from the negativity they can be associated with.

wolf and barn owl tattoo


This is a somewhat abstract concept, but it is one that many people feel connected with spiritually.

If you feel like they are trying to escape a negative fate, then wearing a tattoo like this on your skin can be an interesting way of protecting yourself and warding away the risks inherent in seeing such animals.

It all depends on how connected you feel to these kinds of insinuations and ideas, but this is one of the most common wolf and owl tattoo meanings that you are going to come across when evaluating these tattoo options.

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A pair of guides through lifeWolf and Owl Tattoo on neck

By the same token, though, many people see wolves and owls as spirit guides.

These are animals that can take us through the challenges of life, as both animals can be seen as embodiments of the hope and strength of nature.

Therefore, combining them into one singular tattoo can be a wonderful way to create separation.

If you are someone who feels like you need to come up with a way to get through life, then you will feel very much at home here.Wolf and Owl Tattoo on chest

There are many ways to be guided through life, and this is simply another example of that.

Many individuals look to animals and nature as a way of being able to navigate the challenges and problems that life throws at them.

Well, the wolf and the owl could be the animals that you look to as a representation of the guidance and wisdom you seek.

TakeawayWolf and Owl Tattoo on legg

As you can see, there is no one particular wolf and owl tattoo meaning. However, they are typically built around either ideas like guidance, warding, and independence.

These are two very important animals, and while they are very different, they do share some interesting similarities with one another.

As such, if you are looking for a tattoo that can represent a desire for guidance and/or independence, then this can be a pretty great choice of tattoo.

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