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Michele Morrone’s tattoos

Michele Morrone’s tattoos and their meanings:


Being a Hollywood heartthrob may have its perks, but it also has flaws.

Looking good takes time and effort, and as any Hollywood actor will know, finding the time to look after yourself while looking for work, rehearsing, and acting is far from easy.

Not only do you have to dress the part, but you also have to look the part, and for most people in show business nowadays, having tattoos certainly does not hurt.

When audiences caught a glimpse of the body of Michele Morrone when the world went crazy for the erotic drama 365 Days, back in 2020, it was clear that he was set to be the next big Hollywood heartthrob.

Audiences not only loved his body, they also loved the tattoos adorning his body.

Michel Morrone tattoos are now highly requested in tattoo parlors across the globe, especially in Europe, but what ink does the heartthrob have, and what does it mean to him?

Here is a look at several Michele Morrone tattoos and the meaning behind them.

Who is Michele Morrone?

We’ll look at the tattoos adorning Michele’s bronzed body in just a few moments.

Before we do so, however, we first need to learn more about the hunk from Netflix, which set pulses racing in 2020.

Born October 3rd, 1990, Michele is an Italian actor, model, fashion designer, and singer who rose to fame as ‘Massimo Torricelli’ in the 2020 erotic Netflix drama ‘365 Days’.

He began his acting career back in 2011 and has appeared primarily in Italian and Polish films and series, which have primarily been low-budget.

He is also a professional singer and guitarist, gaining over a million subscribers on YouTube for his music.

As if that wasn’t enough, he even launched his own women’s beachwear brand in 2020.

It was in 2020, however, that he became internationally recognized after playing mafia crime boss Massimo.

The film was a huge hit, particularly with female viewers, due to its erotic theme and set pieces, not to mention Morrone’s charisma and good looks.

Fans got more than good luck at his body in the movie, which quickly became a trilogy, and his tattoos, in particular, gained a lot of attention.

michele morrone tattoos


Michele Morrone – Tattoos

After stripping off for 365 Days, and the sequels, fans got more than a good luck at his tattoos.

A fan of body art, Michele Morrone’s tattoos are very popular amongst his fans.

Here’s a look at some of his most popular ink, and what the meaning is behind each one.

Cloud tattoo

The first of the Michele Morrone tattoos that we’re going to be looking at today is his cloud tattoo.

On his left pectoral muscle is a ‘Cloud’ tattoo. No, this is not a picture or image of clouds, nor is it in reference to cloud-based computing, but rather, it simply reads ‘Cloud.’

The reason why he has the word ‘Cloud’ tattooed on his left pec, about where his heart is, is because Cloud is the name of his beloved pet dog.

That’s right, girls, as if he couldn’t get any dreamier, Michele is also an animal lover.

Now we’re starting to see why he’s so popular.

michele morrone tattoos hands


BRANDO tattoo

Another of the Michele Morrone tattoos that we’re going to be looking at in more detail is his Brando tattoo.

Located on the right shoulder of Michele is a tattoo in a nice font, with the name ‘Brando’ on there.

This is not in reference to Marlon Brando, who is considered one of the greatest actors in the history of movies, but rather, it is the name of his beloved son.

Considering he is an actor, you would be forgiven for assuming he was paying tribute to the legendary Marlon Brando, but no, Brando is actually the name of his son.

This is one of Morrone’s most meaningful tattoos.

michele morrone tattoos on body


Cross tattoo

On his right hand, you will find a tattoo of a cross accompanied by some letters.

Now, this is not a cross in a religious sense, I.E, a crucifix, but even so, it is there to represent his faith and his passion for his religion.

Michele Morrone is a Christian, and his religion means a lot to him.

The stylish cross on his hand represents the crucifix where Jesus Christ died.

michele morrone tattoo


Marcus tattoo

Another very simple looking tattoo located on the right thumb of Michele Morrone is the name ‘Marcus.’

As you might have guessed, this is the name of somebody very special to him.

Michele only has names of people tattooed on him that mean something to him, which is why he has the name ‘Marcus’ on his thumb.

Marcus is the name of Morrone’s other son.

Swords tattoo

One of Michele’s largest tattoos is located on his back, and features two swords crossed over one another to form an ‘X’ shape.

Underneath the swords, you will find the year 1955.

Swords are symbols of bravery and courage, and let’s face it, they look very cool as well.

While we can’t say for certain, 1955 is likely the year of the birth of one of his parents, or perhaps even both.

Circle tattoo

Another of the Michele Morrone tattoos that are seemingly very simple, but have a lot of meaning behind them, is a simple circle tattoo.

Located on his back, just above the blades of the two swords, is a tattoo of a circle.

This circle represents the circle of life and is a symbol of the universe, spirituality, travel, and acceptance.michele morrone tattoos on left hand

Phoenix tattoo

On his left hand, you will find a tattoo of the mythical Phoenix bird. The phoenix bird rising from the ashes represents rebirth and overcoming adversity. Michele’s phoenix tattoo is especially cool because it also features a skull pattern.


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